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Sunday, July 29, 2012

is god really present??

well!! since years we have been finding if god's present really.....but no one has yet come to a today i am here with the answer....we have been believing that god is omnipotent and omnipresent though we aren't too much sure about it....but i m going to answer a question that had been answered by some children of std-2....their concepts of god were really very creative....
    some of those cute cotton puffs answered that:

God is like aspirine tablet
He works miracles

God is like Videocon TV
Bring home the leader

God is like Boost
He is the secret of our energy

God is like Coke
He opens happiness

God is like Tide washing powder
He gets the stains out that others leave behind

God is like Loreal Paris 
Five problems, he is the one solution

God is like Horlicks
He makes us taller stronger and sharper

God is like Scotch tape
You can't see him but you know he is there

God is like Idea Service Provider
He can change your life

God is like Vodafone Service Provider
He is happy to help

God is like L.G. 
He makes life good

God is like Dettol hand wash 
He keeps us 100% sure

God is like Garnier
He makes us longer and stronger

God is like Skoda
He is simply better

God is like Panasonic Vierra
His one touch can change your life

God is like Samsung Mobile
His one touch can change our future

God is like Amway
He is listening

God is like Tata Safari
He reclaims your life

God is like kingfisher 
He is the king of good times

God is like Nokia mobiles
He is connecting people

And above all...the best answer...

God is like Galaxy S3
He is made for the humans

   So by now all of us must have understood what God is...These ideas of such mere children, very
 beautifully convey to us that anything that is positive is God...Instead of being rigid, if we are flexible in our ideas and view points and try to look at others view points with a pragmatic outlook, then we can find God everywhere and in everything...

by- one of my best teachers


  1. oh ....god's really present...isn't that amazing...

  2. really creative thought has the young children got....