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Sunday, August 26, 2012

why to discriminate in terms of gender???

     somthing most striking that i have got to know these days is that its not nly men that discriminate btween gender but what is going on exactly is that some women deprive themselves of their rights on their own...i jst had a few experiences in which even the little girls have got that thing in mind that I AM A GIRL.....n ya thats good to be in limits but that should not exceed.....nowadays women have exceeded even men....but there are yet many females who feel dat girls r just bordered to work for their husbands n stay at the point is that not only men but even women have a kind of thought that WOMEN CAN'T DO THIS....
   there r campaigns of treating the women equally n all that.....the men are being aware of the fact that females should have equal rights....but now why these stupid women discriminate themselves...i asked one of my friend, a girl that will she accompany me in playing cricket, but that beast refused...n she said, "You play cricket???thats a game that boys play ...girls shall play badminton...dnt u knw that .....hahaha....which worls r u in....u r tomboyish....hahaha :) ...." This was her answer...i jst hate her.... not bcause she laughed at me .....but bcause she was laughing at each women who thinks they r equal to the boys......
    but now all tthat is enough.... why dnt women stop thinking al rubbish....if the females drop the thought of being unequal....then who r the men to deprive them of their rights????so first of all women need to amend their thinking n then itself men would change up their this isn't fair the world is jst blaming the males for treating the females as second citizens....but even the women shall be blamed.....even they think they aren't equal....


  1. When you see yourself, you have been bestowed the vision to march together having no discrimination of boys and girls by your respectful parents but in society every one can’t be like them. Because the struggles the families faced in past made the limitations in their minds their children were brought up in such disciplines there when you address the entire womanhood of these mentalities, as stupid, I don’t appreciate your comment though I agree with you that every woman should know about having equal rights in the society and they can work together with men. Perhaps the men give them full cooperation.
    Now what you can do with these type of thinking prevailing from long time only find a way to teach the women folk like a NGO so that they have firm belief that MAN AND WOMAN ARE EQUAL

    1. yes uncle you are correct on your vision about exposure. but there is something like self respect that has been gifted to every individual. and it is our right to have a pinch of self respect, as i have written in my newest article.
      so isn't it the stupidity of the woman that they cannot even raise their voice against inhumanity. ya and one of the movies- english ponders round the topic of self respect in women. it shows that even women get hurt of the way the men treat them . so i yet can't understand lots in the world. i don't understand why women cannot unite to fight against their beloved husbands. its not a fight physically but it is a fight for one's privileges. ya women are taught to respect their husbands, but if their husbands can't respect them then to a greater extent even they shall stop all that impartment of respect.
      and about NGO's i say they prevail and they have affected a lot in the era of human rights. Like Seva of Ela Bhatt. so this setting up of NGO's could be a solution. But even instead of the enormous organizations if every individual starts working towards this goal then there will soon be a day when not a single women would be treated unequally.