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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nothingness of Life

Life has always been too implicit. There are several pieces that are left untold. There’s that bridge beside which lay all the murals of the best of morals of life. People tend to be possessed by people. We are impacted by acquaintances. Our hair grow every moment storing in our lives the implicit impacts that none of the dictionaries could elucidate. Words: we get stuck into them. We fall in love with words only to realize anon that they don’t actually mean anything. Explanations and comprehensions are like being lost into the cosmos, nowhere to be found.
Sometimes it’s really the heart that speaks. The brain blackouts; thinks simply nothing; only knows that it is present. It stops analyzing the implicit nature of life. It rather enters into the trance of “nothing”. There’s where the dainty na├»ve heart creeps into the scenario, to speak up what we want. Not trying to understand what we want, but rather soothe us by conveying that we have already grasped everything that surrounds us. This isn’t the state of knowing, but rather the state of knowing nothing. Being aware simply of the fact that we are and that is what we ought to be.
Life trails on the sand beach like the monsters that are a part of the melodramas. The monsters are a part of the story; they do impact the drama, but finally just to end up. A happy ending, is where the storyline finds its position. So, our lives are a part of the storyline of the very universe. We are meant to be ended. Not because of our wickedness, but that there’s where the story yearns to reach- a completion- an eternal salvation.
We weigh things and feel of their thrust. We have set forth to define matter. But – matter, how does it actually matter to this giant universe. An ant is worried about its relationships. But does that bother us. Exactly, we are the ants for the inhabitants of the universe. Universe has time, it has dimensions, that are actually the protagonist of the storyline.
The implicitness does not even lie beyond the horizon; it lies nowhere- but yet it lies within us. Whether we weigh lives from our perspectives or we simply realize the unspoken, decides our end. Whether we want to be the devils of the drama, our simply be aware of the presence, just like the protagonist- time. Time and dimension are few beings that have achieved the salvation. They would never die, instead, they would diminish; gradually becoming nothing, ending the drama of the universe.
We could mingle ourselves with the heroes. But the only thing required is something beyond freedom. We need to be the waves of time, sail along with the sea; marking our preferences as null; sailing with nothing, but at the same time moving on. Just as the universe moves on.
Flamboyance, melancholy, pleasure, do they actually mean anything? We cry of laughter- what does it signify? Well, every emotion is the same. Or rather there are no emotions. Emotions all try to explicitly define “us”. But we are boundless. . A country without boundaries could not be defined. Thoughts arise within us, but when we tend to define them by words, most of them vanish into the middle of nowhere. There’s where we actually miss the implicit.  Similarly, trying to make explicit the implicitness of life, we lose the grip of its true meaning.
Abstractness has no significance in the society. Philosophies are hated the most. Why do people mock at the philosophers? Just because they try to reveal a small spec of the bitter truth of the universe?  Well, in this society of braggarts and gullible, we seek to establish concreteness. There’s where the hatred for the abstract is born. We become like law students, always in a quest for proofs for everything. But time and dimensions don’t have a proof. Have we ever seen time greeting us as we walk along its way? Have we seen dimension saying a “hello” as we try looking at it.  We ought to flow- simply; let the waves drop us to the infinity; the place which is nowhere, but yet the place where the time is heading to- Into the end of the drama of the universe. The end beyond which, there is nothing. “Nothing” is also something. Beyond which...  The extent is implicit. It could not be expressed. It could be felt.
Definitions are merely chanting old cliches and feeling the haughtiness of having eloquently murmured clever adages. This is again a mere definition. All the words above, below and underneath this paper are all an attempt to throw light upon the implicit. I would not define the implicit. But yes, there is some force that compels the tips of my fingers to spit out everything. Contemplations, assumptions, knowledge everything that I own through the frictions of life; all build up the foundations of this platform.
Our universe is an oxymoron; it is everything, but yet it is nothing. We all have a talent to talk, write, walk, swim; but that’s where the loophole comes. By recognizing and tagging, we try understanding the implicit; what the writer of the drama has created for us. So, like the ocean waves, we are also pulled back. Everything that we do is involuntary. We simply devote our bodies to the universe.
Fearless, intelligent, beautiful; we are obsessed with traits. We have set up our own morals. What if they are not in alignment with the morals of the implicit? What if we are actually being immoral by following the morals? Then what to follow? We ought to follow nothing. Right or wrong happens when we try doing something. But when we do nothing, there’s no question of right or wrong.
But then what nothing exactly is? Nothing is writing what comes from within. Nothing is doing things involuntarily. The flow of the water in a horizontal pipe is nothing. And the blockage in the pipe is something. If the water gets blocked by the clogging, then it is doing something. If it keeps flowing, without being affected, then it is doing nothing. The beating of heart is Nothing. We do not control it voluntarily. Nothing could be misinterpreted as sitting idle. But sitting idle is again something. So doing nothing is not even thinking of doing nothing. It’s the blankest of blanks.
Nothingness is such a state where everything becomes insignificant. And when everything is insignificant, then the obverse becomes non-existent. Significance vanishes and so then automatically insignificance becomes nothing. If there's only darkness, then we do not need to worry about light, so then light and dark become the same things. Light and darkness become nothing. 
Flowing with the universe, just like time and tide, we would become a part of nothing. Nothingness would merge everything and all antonyms would become synonymous. Happiness would mean melancholy and so would insomnia mean sleepiness.  
We participate in races to satisfy the urge to win. Driving in a car race might stimulate the adrenaline, but instead driving a car leisurely alongside a beach with our own beloved pace would be peaceful. This is because the beach drive would lead to nothing. And the Formula One would gift something. And this something leads to covetousness. The covetousness would devoid us from tranquility. Similarly, all words are born in the race of existence. So, if we step out from this race of existence, then we would feel the rapture of nothingness. And then existence and non-existence would merge. And we would be present in every single moment. 
We need not be a companion of time. We need to be by our own. In a race, we try keeping up with time. But time is just one other character of universe. We are keeping up with an acquaintance who has never felt our amiability because for him amiability and enmity are the same. So, if we flow along with the universe, without trying to keep up with time, mortality and immortality would be nothing. 
Exploring the implicitness like the explorers would tend to intensify the fading of the implicit. Rather if we step into the nothingness, implicit and explicit would become a single entity. 
But then how to step into the nothingness? We could simply let our soul flow like the breeze. Cogitating about nothing. Doing whatever is done involuntarily. And then, we would unconsciously become conscious. 
In the present world, we walk consciously but are unconscious of what every step feels like. But in the flow of nothing, we would be unconscious of the fact that we are walking, but we would be able to consciously feel the tenderness of every step. All our energy would be channelized towards nothing, and therefore, it wouldn't leak out of us. And if we have that energy resides within us, it would constantly evoke our consciousness unconsciously. 
So, what shall we do? Well, we should do nothing. The universe would fuel our flow. To do nothing is not worrying of what flows out of us. If there is an urge to dance or rather wave the physique. Then dance and wave. Cessation of the urge would be doing something. But letting the unconscious urge satisfy itself would be the nothing.
"Urge" would harm only if it built by our thoughts. There would be an urge to kill someone, only if it is born out of some revengeful or psychic thought. The world has polluted the word "urge" creating a negative effect of it. The urge if it is out of nothing, would mean no harm. It would just become a way to flow with the story line of the universe. 
So if we really wish to feel and be conscious of everything, getting into the trance of nothingness is the only key. It is the only state when the soul would be conscious. 
 A number line is the best instance of the universe. If we become irrational numbers that never tend to end, we would spread throughout the story line, but if we become like the rational integer, we would become stagnant, and end up in a narrow range. An irrational number tends to the nothingness. 
The full stops might seem to be the end of the sentences, but they actually are synonymous to the beginning of the lines. This write up would never end, because it never began. It is infinite. An ellipsis is rarely used. But it is that eternal tool to describe nothing...
So nothingness is nothing... Doing nothing is diving into the nothingness... Flowing with the urge is nothingness...And this nothingness is what we term as salvation..

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