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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


      Almost everyone has some superstitious beliefs....Everyone feels that something or the other is lucky for them......n some things are unlucky for them ..... wen people go for some important tasks they carry wid dem dose lucky things......they feel dat if dey do so den their task would accomplish......n so dey always keep the lucky thing with this creates a mental effect so dese things provide them with power.....n due to this effect wen people do not have the lucky thing wid them den dey feel dat their task would not be completed.....
      thus a wrong belief starts getting dis makes d people weak wen dey are not carrying d lucky thing....nowadays even literate people come under the influence of such beliefs n hence dey become weak wen dey r without d thing.....
       since years some people r trying to wash off these beliefs....but yet there isn't a complete change .....still there r people with these beliefs....n if this doesn't stops den gradually evryone will get trapped in d web of beliefs.....
        but if people are not agreeing to change their minds den why not change somethin else.....if people start thinking dat the luckiest things a person has is d soul d heart n d mind......if people start thinking dat their lucky thing is their heart mind or soul then according to them dey would always have d lucky thing wid they would be lucky till they lose their soul mind n heart and this happens only wen dey die....
         so people would remain lucky 4 d whole life.....dis concludes dat der is nothing such as lucky coin or lucky socks or anything......the real luck depends on d thinking......if we think positvely den der is nothing such as luck n all....but luck is jst a belief it is just a kind of strength provider.....
         so dis means dat if people always want something lucky wid dem den dey can think dat they would be lucky if their heart n soul r wid dem......den people wll always hve something lucky wid dem.....


  1. The beliefs which we came into our heart and soul are by listening from our childhood, from our parents from whom we believed very much , had strong faith them. Instead of seeing within that why we are sticking to a materialistic thing which called “Lucky” and become fearless, to carry some work or deal with situation, is easy then to find out other’s. And spend our full energy to explain that they should change their beliefs , should get rid of the Lucky materials and only depend upon their heart and soul.
    How can you make their heart and soul stronger ? What are the ways you tried for yourself or listened others to get rid of the things when advised by others.
    It is better to make yourself self dependent and feel I am lucky to get such parents, such institutions, such teachers and therefore I am able to progress. I should not be selfish that I do myself and none is doing for me. Then we find every thing becomes Lucky and nothing is required.

    1. according to me, one can make the heart and the soul better, by having strong faith in ones ownself. here one should have what is called as self confidence. so ya we can have a mindset that its our luck to have the finest of parents, but it is not at all possible every time. what i mean is that our parents are not always present with us, now here we would have to change a lot. because the topic revolves round the fact that people shall keep the things with them. so the idea is just of changing the lucky is not a big new adoption but just a slight change, so i mean is that the thing shall be nigh to feel lucky.

  2. COMMENT (Dated 21.10.12)

    Just contemplating upon your vision about the “LUCK”, I never had such feeling of having a thing which causes me to be successful in any event. Perhaps my heart and soul was quite strong that may be my parents, teachers, friends and well wishers who gave me support to work and never become morose in case of any downfall. The great achievement was I had faith on someone very strongly that I have the strength to fight, never mind, however the task may be difficult.
    I am just picking the thought behind you which is inspiring, and will be a good direction for the generations together whosoever reads and understands. You have nicely written the subject, I shall be adding and adding and getting clarified from you time to time, hence please guide me about the background which I am eager to note, so that my brain acquires your verdict.

    1. If we move deeper into our heart and soul, then our ultimate destination we reach is our parents. the innermost core of our hearts consists of our parents. so if we have faith in our parents then we will have faith in ourselves- our heart and soul. and if we feel that something is lucky then it concludes that we have faith in that particular thing. so having faith in our parents,i. e., being supported by or parents is having faith in our heart and soul and having faith means that we should get a feeling that our heart and soul are lucky for us.
      and it depends upon a human's nature that he or she calls this particular feeling faith or luck.

  3. Luck favoured me !!
    When I am successful, I feel that I am lucky. We don’t know what is destined and going to happen. I am very proud of you that in this teenage you had taken bold steps to swim cross River Narmada with a great triumph. I had seen the video and was worried through your swimming that every thing ran smooth and when you reached the other core, I felt very happy.
    Now if you write a blog on the subject covering the points as below :
    (1) how did you take the decision
    (2) what courage you had,
    (3) who were behind this encouragement,
    (4) who were there to help you to rescue (I saw the boat sailing along and keeping a watch all the time, when you were swimming),
    (5) where there was uneasiness in breathing , how did you manage
    (6) what did you feel when reached the end
    (7) how did you narrate when asked by others say “whether it is due to my efforts etc etc or it was all blessings.
    (8) What you suggest to encourage your friends for accepting such challenges
    (9) Did you feel yourself a lucky guy

    you will have further something to write, which will be your personal experience.