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Monday, September 24, 2012

Eco-friendly Ganesha!!

Ganpati Bapa Maurya!! The splendid season for a supersonic yell. The season for colorful idols that pave the path for we, the humans to migrate closer to god. The idols of te ‘Vighnaharta’ sprinkle drizzles of holiness. The arrival of ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ blooms the flowers of happiness and sheds away the leaves of grief. The odours of joy and enchantment spread all round the air.
The beautiful and aggressive effigies on every hook and corner of our nation add up to the elegancy of our country. But every tasty edible substance is hazardous to health. Much the same way these shining carvings on POP i.e. Plaster of Paris alters to the health of our environment. Knowing the fact that when these POP idols are immersed in the water bodies, they are harmful to them, yet we use them. These POP statues are too much hazardous that even they are insoluble in the universal solvent. The constituents of these idols contain hazardous chemicals that possess a major threat to the aquatic world; we still offer our prayers to the harmful chemicals, just for the sake that the eco-friendly deities aren’t too shiny, that others shower tones of praise. This is an axiom that no more do we celebrate fests with a true feeling of religiousness and the corollary drawn up from this fact is that we bring the POP statues just for showing off to others.
Nowadays every festival is celebrated for money and show offs. But the fact is that the eco-friendly deities are not much to look at and at the same time expensive. But in these competitive generation who wouldn’t like to show off beauty and gracefulness and that too at cheaper rates. No one in the world would like to spend more money and buy rubbish. So this is one of those alarming truths behind the use of POP’s despite every effort of nature-loving humans. Human nature proposes that a person would never change the tendency of thinking except that it is a massive agreement. So for the sake of revolutionizing the minds of huge number of people the eco-friendly deities have to be made as attractive as the POP ones and also they ought to be sold at reasonable rates. This is the genuine reason why people, in spite of the awareness pretend to be dumb and fools. Or else who doesn’t love to be healthy, as the plaster of parisized water when consumed is dangerous to the smooth functioning of our body. And also no creature round the globe, except the destructive headed mentally ill ones would like to destruct the nature that supports their lives.
These are some of my thoughts of the intensive reason of the usage of POPs. But at the same time a weird cogency strikes my mind. Is it just a rumor about the POP effigies or is it really a very epoch making statistics? Or is it a strategy made by the eco-friendly effigy makers to spread a scuttlebutt for their business to strive? Or……Who knows? Certain contemplations are always wrangling. 


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    1. वृष्टि के सोच की दाद देनी पड़ेगी

  2. You are right that POP made idols when dispersed into river or pond, the POP get dissolved , off course the POP when gets hardened up say the POP moulds being used in the ceramic industries for forming wares, are rejected for no use. Instantly dropping these moulds into water, remains as it is. Though, I had experimented with these rejected moulds in a Bone China Industry at Bhopal to find a way of utilization by crushing into powder and then using a few percent as recipe. These gave colours when fired when used in a solution namely glaze which acts as coat to biscuit wares.
    Now coming to the point POP is Calcium Sulfate which promotes hardness of the water. Also it is irritating to the human skin. Therefore it is somehow harmful when it goes inside the body, impairing the quality of water.
    The Idol makers may use mud which will be eco-friendly to the naturally available resources.
    But the celebrations make huge noise which just bangs the heart which I realized this time because of charm of DJs being played which has become trend of the time. So noise pollution is hampers hearing because of touching exorbitant limits not permissible to the Environmental norms and regulations even then the people enjoy and none is there to object. Though in the industries, the authorities take the industries into task for having such noise level as per my experience.
    The use of chemicals in making colours are again harmful to the human body when it gets mixed up with water and people like to take holy dip.
    The jamming of roads at the time of processions creates many problems. This time at our place, the young children were playing in the sea where the process of immersion was going on after Ganesh Chaturthi, The elders were just lifting the youngsters and throwing away into deep sea, it took the lives of few as their got drowned and bodies could not be traced. It was quite unfortunate because of lack of discipline. A great tragedy lashed in the city after the occasion. When we say Vighna Vinaayak, we must also follow the discipline as Ganeshji was one who was obedient to his parents and paid deep respect by taking round of them.
    One should seriously think over on your write up and act accordingly.