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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Was Birbal mistaken???

       Was the great Birbal mistaken??? Isn't it too shrieking to hear such a ridiculous fact.....who has not heard of one of Birbal's great tale of a learned man who comes to his court....the big headed learned man who was fluent in almost all d languages, challenged Birbal's intelligence by asking him to procure his mother tongue....Great-minded Birbal procured d man's mother tongue by hitting him while he was in a nap...the man yelled in his mother tongue and Birbal figured it out....according to him when a sudden stimuli has to be responded, then a person answers in his mother tongue...
       But now i feel its proved wrong....cause when at times nowadays, Oh shit or Oh my God is somthin dat is used by each one to respond to somthin abrupt....and the thing is dat each ones' mother tongue isn't this is happening in this modern period....evryone wants to bcom modernized and fashionable....n wht our mind set is dat speaking English is somthin that is makin us modernized....n dats wts the new trend....soon der will b a day wen English would become the official language of ven India....
        n our unconcious mind is too bcomin modern i stimulus r responded by our unconscious mind....our conscious mind verbalizes wht v ought to show off...but d unconcious mind screeches wht we are...its d voice of our dis means dat by speaking english v don't tend to show off....v r thus gettin revamped frm d core of our hearts....
          bt isn't it dat v Indians r again guiding ourselves under the control of the British people....shan't v continue our own culture n traditions??? shan't we popularize our languages dat others add them up to d formulae of being der's a realy rangy debate dats gng on in case of such queer topics...
          or was it dats Birbal's tale was fake....had Birbal really acquainted the man's native language....or had the man ever come to Birbal's court???or did Birbal really existed??? or we r really getting modernized n diverted from our rich culture....or is it dat we r still habituate of cleaning the British shoes???
          in spite of knowing dat our rich n efficient culture n traditions had attracted the Britishers to our country.... in spite of knwing dat it was our culture dat had reached such heights dat all d countries fought to rule over India.... in-spite of knwing the terrible things that happened after d Mughal reign under the British rule.....we r again getting solicted towards the native tongue of the ones who slaved us years back....
           is d blood spent fighting against d british going in vain???all dese answrs r upto us....its upon us how we answer them.....its upon us....we have the choice.....whether we wanna get roused or we will always be under dormancy....


  1. Perhaps you were born in the British Ruling era.

    Issue of Birbal who was put one of the minister at Akbar’s Court, as he was quite intelligent to bring the facts with framed stories to make Akbar understand about the problems being faced by the folk who did not have guts to approach the royal court.
    But Birbal by his witty talks make the King hilarious to be receptive and drag attention to his minister. The time was quite difficult one when every one has to follow the stringent rules not like todays’ day of freedom that you feel liberty in expressing whatever you want without any objection say using slang words which you yourself just trace out by reading and you find fit to be used in addressing.
    Further the tale is tale like our Grand Mothers used to tell the kids so that they get sleep with some knowledge of about culture, moral. Hence, telling a tale is a tradition to attract the kids and no justifications are required.

    We are not slaves by speaking English as we are in the international market and want to communicate then which language is to be used which all the countries can understand . That way English is thought to be the common language. You are also writing all the blogs in English only, now just start in your mother tongue or say in Hindi which is commonly used in India.

    I can narrate lot of stories which I heard from father who was sent to Lebanon as Captain in the Indian Army for the medical treatment of the injured persons while there was war between France and Ceria during the World War II. How the professors family was gunned down but Britishers were supporting French with the Indian Army. Therefore the painful time which our ancestors faced, cannot be forgotten. It is history when the people ran behind empowerment and till yet the practice is being continued by political parties for the seat. How do you think that you will be number one and none other gets the chance of enjoying the success. We need to convince and cannot dictate all the time.

    1. The short stories like that of Birbal say a lot to us. but something attractive shall at least give some moral right. so if the stories are just made tastier like the low nutritious ice-creams, then they are of no use to the development of children. and thus all in vain. i don't mean to be against eating ice-creams, but i just mean to say that they are good to a limit.
      I don't ought that learning and speaking English is being a slave. but the fact is that the craze is all that is wrong. i suppose that the way Britishers have made English the superior of all languages. Even we can try to promote our rich culture. it does not cost much then every human speaking in hindi. So i say the way they promote their language, even we can try it out. so here comes the talk of sovereignty, where every language shall be equally important.But we all are tied up with our crazy wishes.we don't have to fight with the English men, but have to unite with them. and if in unity there is any problem in understanding the language, then there are thousands of translators sitting barefooted.
      what i mean to say is English shan't be made something to strive on. if it is our hobby and interest in writing and speaking English then its not of the fact that English is harsh and difficult.
      and this is what i mean to say, i and the others like me are a part of the modernized country and so we are the ones who are extremely unaware of our rich culture. not unaware but ignorant, and that's what i feel is wrong.