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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A simple way to escape exams

  This world of misers and crafty personalities are just trying out to defy the mere creatures by throwing upon them stresses and tensions. The adults are to soon gloom a world that would have children who shall follow the word of  whip. The curses from the student's side aren't less too, but yet the children are right on their side. The little pupil say that the exams are something that are the cause of devastation of their creativity. And the adults say that exams are the IQ testers,  knowledge testers and memory testers for the students. But nowadays really these exams have become nightmares for children. Here's what is a child's opinion regarding the annual tests that are soon to come:
Summon a Fall
The drizzles of stress,
Gradually horrified.
The terrible fright,
The torn down minds,
That thrashed up intelligence.
The conflict of the brain,
With the drifty words of the teachers.
The creativity defeated,
By the bundles of pre-written knowledge.
Decades ago the worrying environment,
Forces to always be bound by the books.
As though were the captured mutinies,
Made to work for the great sculpture.
The drizzles by then turn to large drops.
Nothing on the earth would be as miserable,
As the nightmares of the annual tests (exams).
The only path to overcome the evils,
Is to read all the stuff day and night.
No one comes to rescue at all,
And if this is what that goes on,
The world is soon to summon a fall.

This is really something that shall be lamented upon. For due to the fear of exams and due to all stress and tensions, the minds are really loosing their creativeness. So if this continues then one fine day all the rocks of creativity would wither off from the minds of human beings and the world will on that day, 'summon a fall'. 


  1. I think exams are always horrible for everybody irrespective of the age but one should have the guts to face it