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Monday, February 18, 2013

The cliche to live a radiant life (The formulae)

    Life is something that proceeds up irrespective of each person's mental state. Whether its we who cry, or whether its us who are enchanted and glad. Life is just the same with us as we are. Then its upon us how we handle up the ordeals. And if though we be mourned, the rest of the cycles in life are to not to form a crevice to us. The fiends and the assertive are to rule and the meek are to be in dominance. Henceforth, God exposes us to experience so that we shall preach every finite way to to deal with all the vistas of both melancholy and joy.
    But when we are exposed to some sorrowful experience, then we curse god as if a sorceress, we become under-confident and just don't gaze at the positive face. We shall instead cogitate that we are fortunate to be given the chance to learn something that would optimistically be helpful to us. And when we are filled up with tears of merriment that our goose bumps and the pride for victory clenches us to that extent that we feel over confident and too much satisfied.
     Here's something that shall help us face up all the filth in our character. Here's the cliche to digest up every mere contention in life with flying colors. Here' something that shall help us control our confidence level. Just a few lines but shall help us enhance ourselves totally:
  1. 'When we feel bad- we shall see the worse, when we feel worse- we shall see the worst and when we feel the worst- we can always hunt for and invent a new degree of comparison.'
This means that whenever we feel dejected and helpless, than we shall just look upon the poor and the needy. And just get involved in their livelihood and then we will come to know that we are in the best place the situation can keep us in, and this would enliven us to work harder and tackle the hardships and the we can move mountains. So we shall wrought out a teaching through every exposure we get and thank God for the same.
    2.'When our achievements meet up the horizon of our goals, then we must gaze at the carpenter who has just built up a new step on our ladder.'
This means that whenever we feel too much satisfied, than we shan't stop right there. We shall remember that though we step up the topmost ladder of our aims, but there's always someone to defy us. There's always someone who is at a far higher position than us. If we keep this in mind then we shall never become a victim of overconfidence, and henceforth we will not be self-satisfied. And thus we will not stop out our hard work and just don't stick up to a particular place and proceed even further.
    3.'When contentions defy us then we shan't play to defeat others, but we shall play to attain the best of our own.'
This means that we are facing up a competition then we shall not aim to be better than others, but we shall settle up our goal to be the best of ourselves and compete with ourselves. Every time we do something, we shall perform better than the past performance, and this will help us to be the best of all.

So these are the 3 lines that are a short manual to not impediment where we are. These lines are something we shall practice to deal up with merriment, grief and pride. So let's not be under-confident or over-confident but be confident in whatever we do and take up every experience as a confetti on our way to success and happiness.

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  1. Really inspiring..i think you can inspire the whole generation..keep writing the world needs your inspiring articles:)>