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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Antibiotics is sick!!

     The marrow freezing top headline on the India Today of the month reads that "Your antibiotics is sick." Isn't it a bit puzzling? But at all ways it is a truly correct authenticity. The 'penicillin' that was  the first antibiotic medicine was like a miracle for the common man. The antibiotic that fights bacteria was something that started a new phase of biology, a new branch called antibiotics came into being. Those days bacterial infection then no more remained a cure less disease. And soon this vital discovery was followed by a number of other discoveries in the branch of antibiotics.
      'Science advances with calenders.' As said, the antibiotics soon ruled the kingdom 'microscopia'. Soon the antibiotics became a nightmare for the bacterial disease suffuses.  In the 20th century antibiotics contributed to the increase in the average life span of people. People felt as if the scientists blessed them with the immortal nectar.
       No more did anyone suffer of  even a minute pain. A single ache and a pill of antibiotics helped out the antibodies. But who would have thought that the antibiotics shall become sick one day. Who knew that a day shall arrive when antibiotics shall be ruled over by the microscopic villains. The vectors too took aid of the scientists of their  kingdom (maybe) to get something such as steroids to win over the antibiotics. The signs of the total defeat of antibiotics are arising.
      But what can be done? is the next very question of every person. And there is just a simple solution and it is that don't try to defeat the bacteria but try to defeat the geniuses of that world. Just defy the bacterian scientists. It shall soon be a privilege for us to spectate a competing fight between the bacterian wizards and the scientific wizards of our world. So a word of thanks and a word of wishes would I like to give the scientists of our world. "Oh scientists! defeat the bacterians, don't you impediment of any falls, just advance and win over the science used by the bacteria. I am with you all. Not me, infect every youth is with you. We shall come up with you soon. Just we are to be with you. We will soon aid the world with researches just like you. We will not let our science be defeated by the scientists of the microscopic world. After all What if they are dangerous. What if they are life- enders. But they are of the croreth of our size. We shall not let them win over us."

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