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Friday, March 8, 2013

At their peril???

     Just imagine eating your daily snack at the risk of your life. Just imagine what would have happened if while having dinner the vegetable hop out of the dish, punch you and end your life. Isn't this even cozy? But its a fact. Think of standing under a tree even without being in contact with it and the tree claps its branches, trying to squeeze you. Just keep imagining of all the above weird situations. Shall you yet eat lunch for your survival?? Shall you yet choose to stand even close by a tree in greed of the fruits hanging up. Just don't stop straining your brain and read the article below.
     The most grieving in today's world is the sudden hike in the census graph. Today's Earth is just too much chock-full and the increasing population is something to think upon. All of the cliches to reduce the alarming progress in population have proven to be in vain.
      Nowadays, even the liquids and the other repellents also don't work. Even the latest of electric traps can't help out. This increasing census of these beasts has made human existence just full of itches and scratches. The epidemics of dengue and malaria, has become the 'Unstoppable' work. By now hope its intelligible that what possible topic has this article been penned relating to. Yes, it is the vampire animals- the mosquitoes. The worst of the parasites, and the most irritating and exasperating  creatures. The vampires that have evolved out of the fictional books. All the snares and all the guards can't catch them up. And their continuous breeding is something to worry of. 
        The clips and claps at their appearance even can't stop them from sucking at least 1 lt of blood a day [Not yet measured but just a guess ;) ] So this parasitic creature has no use and are just something to be discarded. But their breeding in dirt and stagnant water is incessant. 
         We hit thousands and they breed in lakhs. We just fulminate anathemas to them, yet of no use. New ways yet all in vain. But every mosquito that dies in the race for life, dies for blood. It is possibly an honourable death in their community. 
          We are just too selfish. Have we ever thought of the emotions of a mosquito? Now just get back to the top of the page and you will come to know that if you can get into such a weird position, then you are a mosquito. You are the plant and you are the vegetables for them. Without your blood they are dead. So don't you feel that they don't do anything wrong in sucking your blood? They do it for survival, and what has happened now that even if they aren't sipping yet we kill them just the way the tree did to us in the beginning.
          So what I say is that possibly the buzzzz they make must be an argot in which they speak. They might be telling us, "Just one sip dear, Please, for our survival. Our sting doesn't pain like syringes. You might just get an itching sensation. But don't you know to sacrifice. Cant you just give us a single drop. We don't need much. We won't greed. And if you won't then too we will. And out of anger you might get a special disease as a gift dear. Even we can't control our anger like you." But as soon as we hear the buzz we clap up or use the electric traps, to kill the tiny begging creature. 
           So just think that can't we allow our fellow beings a single drop for their survival? Yes they are  huge in number. But where has all talks of sacrifice gone. Sacrifice is always painful. Can't we donate a single drop. No No!! all donations we do for show offs. But why can't we donate our blood for the mosquitoes. Can't we sacrifice. Can't we just bear that little itch in the skin. Something wrangling, but think upon it. God might have created these mosquitoes for some reason. Some day we might get some use of them. They are surviving at their peril. Lets save them or then we wont be able to forgive us when we will come to know their extreme importance. They might be the ingredients of the immortal nectar. Who knows. But at least only their increasing population is something to think of. But that doesn't mean we shall kill the little being. Even our population is increasing, but does the government grab us and kill us on the spot? 
           So lets help them out. Lets listen to their buzzzzz and lets try translating it. Lets sacrifice...Lets donate our blood.  


  1. This is sheer imagination and ultra sensitivity towards the environment and other creatures...i am impressed

  2. That's why they say 'survival of the strongest'...But what about those people who have lost their lives only for that one drop of blood.....Revenge is always sweet....

    1. First of all thnkss a lot for reading my blog.. And as you say u r really true at ur fact that many have lost their lives, but you know something lost shall never be regained...Similarly for the past we cannot harm the future of a creature after all. And the Creator never said that men are more imp then mosquitoes. So if the men are lost then we cannot revenge by killing a small creature.
      More over, all the mosquitoes aren't the disease carriers, only some are harmful. So why to kill the harmless creatures for someone else's acts....
      And sacrifice is never painless. It is painful. A strong eg. of sacrifice can be that of the sunflowers and the Sun. The sunflowers also die of the sun's heat sometimes. They get dried of the Sun's heat. But they know that their work is facing the Sun. So yet they don't give up facing the Sun. They don't make any plans for revenge.
      And revenge is never a solution. It is rather a useless act...