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Monday, July 15, 2013

No heiress?? Let me have it...

  Every being on our Earth oughts freedom. Every being oughts to be equal. Each one of us want to devastate the threads of inequalities that drench up our freedom. We do want to fly round the world like the birds without any boundaries. Indian constitution too ensures that Indians are socialist. It strives to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor so that equality of status and equal pay for equal work becomes meaningful.
   But certain traits remain just to be said implemented and the practical result out of the verdicts are not to be seen anywhere. What I mean is that the authencity that the government is trying its best to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor is just for the namesake. The government has never worked for the aim. It has never tried to implement ideas to build the bridge. Actually there aren't any ideas at all.
    But what I feel is that abolishing inheritance could help out in someway. For what is happening is that the forefathers workout for gaining money and the younger generations just inherit it. The only thing they have to do is to just maintain it. So as they have inherited the wealth, they can never be able to comprehend the hard work that their forefathers had done. And so they don't care for the ones without money.
    Gradually, what is happening is that the work done by the poor is becoming thrice more than the work done by the rich men and the money the poor earn sum even thrice lesser than the rich men. This is just due to the law of inheritance.
    Now one for all if we abolish that inheritance fact then we can definitely get a solution. What can be done is that the UN shall decide to abolish the law of inheritance. The property of a father shan't go to his offsprings and instead be given to the government. When a man dies, his property shall be transferred to his wife, and when his wife dies too, then his property shall be handed over to the government and not to his son. In a way, when the son grows to a certain age, then he will not have anything to feed upon until he/she establishes his/her own empire. So for good's sake, the spoilt guys would no more feed upon the hard work of their fathers and instead they would learn to go through hardships.
     Just like our caste, our economic positions are also being determined by our father's will. So the rich remain rich and the poor suffer of their poverty not only lifelong, but also generations long. So if this system of heir and heiress is brushed off, then economic status would not totally depend on birth, but would to a great extent depend on the work done by any individual.
     If this idea is put forward and if this bill is passed by the parliament, then a very rigid bridge could be constructed, and both the shores would be transformable. In a way the country would prosper, for the rich generations wouldn't be the dominator and the poor generations not the sufferer..
      This would enhance and magnify and resolve the problem of inhuman treatment to old parents by some spoiled children as till the father lives, the property remains n the hands of the son, but once the father leaves, everything would be finished. So the son would be forced to remain in healthy relations with the parents, despite being married. So this would help out to not only improve economical conditions, but the social conditions too.
       Years ago, kingship and governance used to be hereditary. The monarchy used to create disturbances in the territorial governance. But as the system of descendance of throne was washed out, and an electe3d head was to be chosen, so that's why all the countries aren't experiencing interior wars and dominations. So the words heir, inheritance & descendant are some words that are to be pulled off the dictionaries as we have already experienced the advantage of the amendment and abolishment of these words in politics.
       There would definitely be a deep impact of this system in the entire country and the entire mindset of people would rationalize. The rich would also be able to coherent the hardships to build up a kingdom. The poor would also get a chance to prosper. And then whatever the financial conditions of the people be, they would at least have a pinch of satisfaction hat at least they weren't born to be so but they are there of their own deeds. And satisfaction is a signboard on the way to happiness. Hence, each one would be thankful for what they have as they got a chance. The misbeliefs and cursing to God wouldn't rather take place because it wasn't the fortune birth, but their own abilities that took them to their place.
        So why not?? Let's give this system a start. Let's try it out once. It's not too late. Let the economic gaps be narrowed. Let our demiurgic get a change. Let our discriminated world leave behind birth rights and let the Earth as a whole progress...


  1. The topic you have discussed about is really a complex one and honestly i could not jump to a conclusion but your logic seems to be worth it

  2. I would disagree to you at this concept. First Government Of India and these politicians are not trustworthy at all. We all know about these atrocious scams and blunders they do. Second is that,after certain period of time like 100-120 years,nobody will be rich or so. Government would be the owner of almost everything. Crime rate will go high due to jealousy,people will kill each other just for the sake of property; like he is living lavish life on his father's achievements,let me kill his father or conspire against him. Third,practically its impossible to be a billionaire in just one life unless you're gifted or you have something extra-ordinary. Ask your father how would he feel if achievements of his are not inherited to you after his death.

    1. I totally agree with your dissaproval. But do you feel that this kind of economic system( the present system) is at all beneficial? For if something is not up to the point, then there has to be some amendment in that particular thing. We cannot carry on the same practices even after knowing that they are completely disadvantageous. Anyways one must give a try to such new ideas. Our economical status is just drowned to such an extent that though crores can be at peril, but the new changes ought to be given a chance.

    2. Giving a try to this system at small scale is not possible. Either government could legitimate it or not. If it approves it then public outrage is promised. The idea of your thought is wrong,but direction is right. Government and economist should consider this point and come up with something although it is factious and controversial which can destroy the expanding abyss between rich and poor.

    3. Vivek, every new thought put forth by a writer always seems to be fictitious or rather has been fictitious. Even if you check the history e.g. i) That of invisibility which american army has almost achieved, ii) I suppose you have not read 'Meghdoot' by Kalidas, the whole epic seemd to be imaginary at that time but now it is a reality..i can quote a number of examples which can prove that any novel idea had /has been rejected by common man like us initially. A writer can be called a prognosticator in that sense.