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Friday, June 28, 2013

Indian systems

 We the Indians, are trying our level best to keep up with the rapidly advancing systems and techniques used by the rest of the world. But the greatest of all the flaws that India summits is that though we change up our physical systems but the mentality of the people is something that is needed to be amended. Of all the systems, the most effective system that is halfly implemented by the people is our educational system.
 It is quite ridiculous of us. We just ought to get along with the modern system of education, trying our best to reach at the peak where lies the American and British systems of education, forgetting that in aiming for what we do not have, we have lost even all that what we had. We used to have a nice kind of guru- shishya parampara, that we lost while trying out the modern education system. That loss was the turning point in India's rich methods of imparting knowledge. However, after the prickles and thorns prickled, anyways, the system settled down.
 But as the British and the Americans keep on making amendments, Indians try to drag out right behind them., with a mentality to follow and not making trends. So this is what is the flaw, we just want to follow, just for the sake that we too get the tag as modernized, the inner feeling of betterment is never upon the whole idea, and as a result, we never stretch our arms towards tireless striving to attain perfection. We just never ought to take up the leadership of trends, for our gurukul system used to hit the educational office of the Bronze Age of the B.C.s.
 But anyways, we shall never cry over spilt milk. But at the very same time, we shall be careful with the left over fluid in the bowl. For the revolution has been half- implemented, we do try setting out field trips and project works based on vision and reports, but the actual idea has been splitted into the so called show- offs.
For in Britain, ( my self experience) the entire system is the very same for the vocal satisfaction. I won't drag it up any more to wrangles, but the thing is that in India, we are entirely dumped with chores of field trips and reports, without any aids from the teaching side. We just have to search for places and plan out a trip to th
e place all by ownselves. And the next very thing happens that the person supervising us at the spot gets fed up with the one -by -one, enquiries by individuals as a particular person. And we aren't provided with any assistance and then we tangle our works, getting large 0s for all the trouble that we took.
 And to the contrast, in case of the Britain systems, we were taken to fields by trips arranged by the school authorities and then were asked to experience the dwelling processes and then come to conclusions and, all these steps right under complete guidance by the teachers. Not a single sheet of ours, and all this, not for the sake of gaining marks, but just for the sake to teach and impart knowledge.

 So in India's case we are just forced to work upon our task with the fear of losing marks. And instead in England, we used to completely dissolve into the topics and gain the immense knowledge.

So this is the magnificient difference between the followed and the follower. So our mindset- we the Indians want to learn more than the foreign countries. We are proud of the education we provide. But no one cares whether to what extent has the child swallowed the knowledge.
 And the very new trend of smart classes. They are just nothing to be specified. In UK, we were made to study upon the smart boards and we had no books. But in India, we have millions of books and we seldom get to view the smart boards. Yes, thats a pretty good adaption, for it has helped a lot, but it just acts as an aid and not as the center of providing every part of the knowledge.
 Our teachers are helpless, even if they want to teach differently. For the board bounds them with syllabus. Each Indian can understand the problem but yet we are continuing this haphazarding system of imparting knowledge.
 We are given marks to write what has already been written and not to write the unwritten....And this is what that oughts to be amended.....


  1. Very well written and given your views about the unique guru-shishya parampara.

    1. I just wish I could experience this parampara...