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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our race yet has hope

The world is at the worst. Its all to end up. Heading towards its decline. There are all the worst of incidents that our dear blue planet is summoning. The deluge cannot just be fixed out ever, not even through thousand stitches. Human extinction is soon to bang out and our death is soon to lick us and lead us to the heaven of solemness.
I am not at all talking of anything co- relating to natural disasters or so called holocaust that is to harbinger. But am pointing out to human attitudes towards this world. If we think that something is going to end out, then its definitely to end. For the entire strength lies in our psychologies. Anyways that's not what the point here is. But the thing is that its our deeds that led us right here.
We say that the world is facing a holocaust, just because of all thats happening right here. Pornography, drinking, blue films, smoking, prostitution, trafficking and such acts are the cause of the end. A near past states that a girl and a boy has to bond as one only once, i.e., marry just once, and life longly live with the same partner. But nowadays living relationships and the concepts of boyfriends and girlfriends has spoiled the broth of our well- organized systems. I am sure each one of us would frown at people involved in the above mentioned illegal and cheap acts. And I am sure too that these topics are not at all wrangling. There's each one who shall protest against them.
But I would like to take sides this time. I am with the people who are the guilts. I don't mean they do good or anything, but there's a ocean deep reason for my statement. To be all clear, I am not one of them. But there's quite a bit justifying argument that I have.
We all know it well that a monkey shall never stop itching in public or grinning and imitating. If even it be trained, there would be some day when it shall show off its true nature. Not because it is what it is. But for God created it like it. We can train it, it would remain a disciplined ape, for a while or for the whole life, but anyways the next generations of the ape will exhibit the colors that it was painted with by our creator.
A potter can shape up a pot, it shall remain like it for years, decades, centuries, but a day would arrive when the pot shall break out into its initial form, i.e., it would break into pieces of dry sand some day. Just because the sand was what God created, and the pot was just our illusion that we made something of something that wasn't that thing. So we made the wet sand and mud a pot, that was not the actual form of the sand.
In simple words, we all know the cycles that take place on Earth. Let's take up the water cycle, the sea water that is the initial form of water. It gets evaporated and forms vapour, then condenses to form a cloud. Nextly, it rains off or hails off, but ultimately the river and glaciers (after melting) flow into the oceans. Even if we consume the water, then ultimately we drain it into rivers which carry it into seas. Hence, any drop of water gains its initial beingness.
So that is what is with we humans. We were created by Gods as one of the naked apes or something quite related to it, but we think we are advanced. We feel that we solved out wonders and are ruling the world.
We shoooo off the dirty animals round us....Yuk!!! and we hit a stone at it. But hey us, that little monkey might be the great great great great great great grandson of our great great great great great great grandfather's best friend.
We know that we have changed our lives or rather succeeded in changing into the good creatures. But we shall remember that the water cycle returns to the starting point. So if we are returning to what we were, then its alright. We know, and even I know that the pot was the better and productive stage of the dry sand, but the authencity that it would break out some day is also not  false. And it will and it shall break off. And the very same is with us.
We used to live altogether without any so called rule. No marriages, nothing. Have we heard of a cave man marriage?? So no marriages, no husbands, no wives, just temporary parents just like other animals at the present. We talk of porns, blue films, trafficking, prostitution, but actually, we used to wear no clothes in the past. We talk of drinking and smoking, our past dealt with difficulties in getting to have food, what alcohol was, didn't matter. Anything and everything was consumable.
So this clearly shows that we are tottering to our initial stage. I don't say that its good. But that's the truth. We have to and we will return to the past because history repeats itself and it will, for that's the rule of our creator. But its in our hands, that for how long do we survive in this stage. So there's a chance, there's a way out. There's no rule that how long you might take to return to your actual beingness. The water can take centuries to return to the sea, but it has to. But its in the hands of that very molecule. It can gather upon the bed rock, till not dug. It can form the lowermost layer of the iceberg that would melt after decades. But it would definitely some day return to the sea.
So let's not curse upon such doers. But lets try to let them comprehend, that if the molecule of water will mistakenly enter the river once then it would definitely flow into the oceans and come to its original state. So why to even step into the river? But the youngsters have stepped into the river , but there's land even beneath the river that seeps the water. So its not the time to curse that molecule, but ask it to seep down that land. For if we curse the molecule then it would get annoyed and so it wouldn't get time to seep down to the bottom and think from the bottom of its heart and some day, the entire drop shall return back to the ocean, i.e., its initial stage.
So lets join up to seep down the deepest bedrock, so lets try to be what we are as women and men from the deep within, and if all of us revolutionize from the deep core of our hearts, then there are chances for our survival till we ought, besides the fact that initialness and beingness shall carry us back some day. But lets try our best to remain in the state of the pot rather than the dry sand........

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