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Monday, September 23, 2013

Commercialisation of Festivals ~ Has it depleted the true significance?

The article below has been written as a speech for a inter house debate at school. I am the captain of my house and so have I written this speech for the candidate of my house. Anyways the person who asked for the speech had to speak for proving the point that commercialization has not depleted the true significance of festivals and so have I written it in that point of view. Otherwise, even I never used to agree upon this fact. But anyways, after thinking of the point from this dimension I think I am to take the side of commercialization....
Commercialising has really amended the way the festivals are celebrated. But it does not at all, point that the actual and true significance of festivals has been lost. Commercialisation has indeed added up to the expenditure upon the feasts and decoration but it doesn't mean that the true belief and the true significance is lost. 
If we take up Rakshabandhan, a sister tries to buy the best 'rakhi' for her brother at all cost, she does spends up all she can. But the inner love for her brother remains the same. And the true significance for the Rakshabandhan is the tightening of the bond of love among siblings. And whether the sister tries out to buy the most expensive 'Rakhi' but it neither effects her love for her brother nor does it loosen the bond. So how can commercialization deplete the importance of any festival?
Diwali is a festival of lights. The matter of commescialisation in this carnival is that the shopkeepers make too much profit upon the selling of expensive crackers and people buy the crackers that are expensive, for just showing off. But what does Diwali signify? Its just complete expression of joy upon the arrival of Rama. And its celebrated by bursting crackers for merriment. So, if we buy more crackers, then its complete fun in bursting them. So, anyways any cracker bursted brings out the fact that Diwali is being celebrated with complete joy. So how can it be brought out that its significance is being depleted?
The next fest in the agenda is Navratri. Nowadays, cash awards and tour packages are given to the best of Garba players. So it is said that instead of doing Garba as a worship to the 'Matajis' it is done out of creed for money and awards. But this blame is something not considerable as there are many Garba organising venues where awards are non given out. There too, Garba is done with the same enthusiasm and belief. So the worshiping of Goddesses, being the significance, has not at all depleted. 
The very next fest in the list of commercialisation is Ganesh Chaturthi. It is totally a religious festival. And it is blamed that people have started buying individual deities of Ganesha instead of a joint and group worshiping of a single idol just for the sake of show off. But this does not effect the belief in Ganesha Instead, the belief is strengthened as each individual is worshiping the idols with great belief individually. So in this case commercialisation has instead added up to the belief of people. 
The very next point is that nowadays, during festivals the crowd in the temples is remarkably increasing. This directly proves that the increase in the belief of Gods, say it be Janmasthami, then on Lord Krishna's birth temples are being overcrowded and the increase in the number of people visiting temples during carnivals points out, that the significance of festivals has increased manifold.
And after all, commercialisation has nevertheless helped people earn their livelihood either by selling colours, Rakhis or the attires for other festivals. And the only thing in commercialisation of festivals is that the festivals are being celebrated extravagantly and its obvious that if a cake is being garnished with cherries and other topings, it doesn't mean that the actual appetite of the cake is lost. Instead it seems more tastier, adding up to its significance.
The festivals that we celebrate, have been celebrated since years and seeing the increase in the religiousness the people and their belief in festivals we can definitely say that its significance is increasing year in and year out. So how can any factor be depleting the significance of our belovant festivals?


  1. great article....helped me a lot

  2. Thanks for the compliment and it would be so nice of you if you could elaborate how this article helped you?

  3. wow!! I finally found the satisfying points to win my debate. thanks a lot. Ah.. you could have come up others religious festivals too Christmas, eid ,etc..

    1. Thank you very much. I feel your suggestion is genuine and will see to it to cover every religion in the articles that i write in future.

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  6. good article but i had to speak that commercialization IS depleting the true significance