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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inner Cry

That when the tears wiggle down, a person's grief is expressed up. It fetches up most of the attention of the surrounding beings. The grief shatters with each tear and minimizes. But if the sorrow's too intense, then the minimization takes time. And most of the times, the overall grief needs too much tears to diminish. That the tears extinguish out for that particular time. And so the grief gets no way out.
At such a time the grief gets trapped until some occasion welcomes it. And when the grief bursts again, the tears which have been recovered by then, shed out. But if the sorrow yet exists in within, then such a kind of grief feeds upon one's entire being.
That's the time when the innerself cries. And at that moment no one can know of your situation except the closest of your dear ones. In such a situation you have no choice. You just can't deal with any circumstances. You know that its in vain to cry over spilt milk, so you don't and are not able to shed over the tears that minimize grief. But the grief clings to the walls of your heart. And such a situation is definitely more threatening than even arteriosclerosis.
Expressing grief  too relieves you from the same. Tears can express your grief to others and relieve you from it. But when your heart cries in within, no tears are shed out, and so there's no one who shall pay attention to your situation.
For instance, if someone becomes obese then the fat layer beneath the skin that is physically visible shall gain people's attention and any being shall advice that fatty to lose weight or else he shall soon thicken his artery walls. And so shall the someone take measures to prevent the thickening. But what if a thin stick - like man begins gathering fat in his inner arteries? The person remain unnoticed, and he shall die of arteriosclerosis, just because that was something that happened in within and wasn't visible in the person's physical appearance.
A similar situation paves the way in case of grief. If the grief is from inner within, then it remains unresolved. And if the grief multiplies itself then that person shall indulge in grief resulting to depression and thoughts of suicide and so on. So grief is something that shall be taken care of.
I mean that crying in within shall not be permitted for our ownself, because that would not at all lessen the mourn. Instead, we shall not be ashamed of crying in public, beacuse that is something that will eat up all the mourns in our hearts. So that the internal cries don't start up.
It's very rightly proved that the mental and internal cries are more painful and threatening than the cries in which our lacrymal gland secretes its enzymes.
So whenever a grief strikes us, we shall remember that a loud cry with tears would definitely help to  relieve lots of internal pain and also spill off mental stress. So let the store of tears be finished up, buy more of it, or wait for more of it to be created naturally, and spill out every single molecule of your grief with the salty water that sheds out from the retina.
Though a smile can make a day, but with a cry, the grief shall never stay..... :)
Cry off, before the grief shall force your heart to cry internally...and the situation shall worsen itself....

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