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Friday, January 24, 2014

Republic Day- The national celebration

Well, during each single Independence Day that we summon, there's a massive celebration. But that's for the satisfaction of the outer realm, there's always an agitated and disturbed inner realm. In the heart of every Indian, there's a cumulative wrangling question that is wriggling in the arteries, Is India really free?? Is India really Independent??
And the answers that we get peep at the negative dimension of our thinking. We get to know that though we are free from physical suppression yet we are still under a mental rule and a rule of politicians. A suppression of thoughts is felt in every moment of our life in our country. The creative and true facts are to be hidden and the so- called beneficial and boasting facts are exposed. The thoughts that the Britishers pasted in our minds are still prevailing among us.
So when we are not intellectually free, how can we become an independent country. And how can a country still ruled by an outside power, make a republican government? When a republican government cannot be made, how can we celebrate republic day?
That is something that needs to be thought of. Well, besides all the parades and flag hoisting that takes place on the Republic Day, this is something that flickers in everyone's minds. This is what that bothers every Indian. But instead of the Indian public this is a matter of bother for the politicians rather.
The politicians should first of all stop forming a monarchical government instead of a democracy. Nextly, corruption is what needs to be put a halt upon. And when it comes to mental rule, the right of speech and thought should never be abstained from any citizen.
As citizens and normal people we should drain out superstitions form our society, so that country is not ruled up by misbeliefs. Everyone should be educated so as not to be ruled by illiteracy. The logical and creative thoughts should be welcomed in the light of reasons.
This Republic Day, let us pledge to move on with the motives that aim at establishing a welfare state and democratic and republican government such that our country can be tagged as independent and self- sustained.
So there isn't only one ailment ruling over our country, then only can we be actually Independent. On the occasion of the 65th Republic Day every citizen, including the politicians and other great personalities must ask the innerself, "Is India really free??"

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