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Monday, January 27, 2014

The last days of joy

There used to be certain days when there used to be a jubilation overflowing with glee and euphoria. There used to be mere jests in company to broaden the lips and pang the stomachs. Each one was bantered by the other either by baptizing, as if a dowager, or by coupling with some other person. There used to be a backtalk and a sass for every elucidation that acted as a chaff for bringing a massive guffaw. There used to be midnight bashes and evening galas. The scorns at the endless sprees and impertinence were tagged with pride. There were moments when being of chums seemed more vital than lively needs. There were days when a cold hugged, but yet the entire twinge was not of the absence at school.
Yes, these were the true days of pure elation at school. The days when education was not looked upon as a grave cup of tea. The days when self realization occurred and diminished every four months during the quarterly annual tests. The day when basics were fed up with a spoon and marks used to evolve like miracles. The days when 2+2 was always 4 and there wasn't  any need to prove so. The days when bunks were sketched out and outings weren't thought upon twice.
But as every present becomes the past and every day sets into night, the same holds true in case of our short being. The days of merriment and immaturity have to step out and the maturity has to cripple into our lives. The sense of setting up a career in life has to bombard and break out the childish intentions. The school days feel to be humdrum and barren. The brightly colored illustrative books transit into unattractive and irritating pieces of paper.

Every child undergoes metamorphosis along the Kindergarten to Post Graduation. The phase until the 9th grade is indeed a blissful voyage. But the rugged road begins from the 10th grade board exams.
Each day with ecstasy is contradicted  by melancholy, fright and trepidation. Every effort that was playful and humorous is replaced by a breeze of serious and and sincere try.

With the end of the ninth grade, each student enters into the dull phase of life. So the short span of time between jolly and mournful moments, lies the most joyous days- The last days of joy......
These days, comprise the soul days of charm and cheer. The ultimate days of jubilation and entertainment. The days when one lives the entire life in a month with utmost enchantment, for the next three years would retard the growth of the serotonin hormone.
So I rather plead to each ninth grade student to live the best one can live, be the best one can be, do the best one can do, live a life of complete engrossment in ecstasy, be humorous, be cheerful, be friendly with chums, be ready for a grave future, plan out the career and live the fullest in the last days of joys.......

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