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Saturday, February 22, 2014

A New Day enchants our living

Each day lights up a new wick in our life. Each day binds a trail of something evoking that could screech out the olden filth of false ethics and stroll into our lives a new pinch of cogitation. Each day tends to shear through the inner conceptual of life and amend a vital thread of the woven canvas of living. Perceiving the minutest of the permutations of the day and accepting the new abrupt change becomes the only key of flowing with the agile wave of time.
Accepting the new twists of time rises up as the very only choice. But as juncture and experience are among the best of the teachers, so every second teaches us the manner to live the next minute. So, each day shall we be ready to absorb the tiniest of flickering in our life. The ones who withstand such a flick in the wick, can hold on even during the strongest of storms.
So every day one should wake up and peep into the new dimension where the mind should be ready to welcome newer challenges. Every step should be thought of as the step towards the eternal achievement.
So lets wake up with an attitude of self confidence and a tendency to perceive the external environment. The environment cradles every tiny secret of our being. But the thorns prickle the bubbles of secret one by one. So a bubble once burst out, could never be clubbed again, and so shall we be ever ready to perceive the momentary revealing of the secret, so that the specific moment isn't lost, and the call of the nature isn't overlooked.
That's what life demands from us, we need to rise up above the hurdles of dismay and grief and dive into the deepest oceans of learning and trying once again.
So a broad outlook and an easy going attitude is all that is needed to bang with the daily challenges and rebound with an amended  thinking. So this is what should be implemented as the principle of life. Acceptance should be something that shall be the guiding motto of life.
So we shall preach to learn from each one that teach.....a sense of living the today to the best could aid in holding up the aforesaid principle.
So we shall be fully permeable to the new upcomings of life and offer a vision of acceptance towards it. And be ready to face the new rising morn that would spread and shatter a scent of pleasure and newness.

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  1. I have gone through your book, gifted by you. I am impressed by seeing your thoughts and maturity. All the best.