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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day Special.

The most awaited day is to knock at each ones door. The greatest plans of conquering are all set up. The weapons are all ready. Just a Yes, and the whole world will change up. The laziest teens have waken up, and the ones who never strained the minds have thought of great ideas. The bombardments might break out the inner heart. The wicked contrivances of stealing the worthiest and most precious component conquers each ones asset.
The most meritorious day for some and the worst and dullest day for others. A spring of joy shatters among some and a feeling of uselessness and dimness triumphs over others. A day most memorable and worthy for some and the worst and hurting day for others. A day that could change the lives of people, though some have positive effects, but a dark and negative change for others.
The day when the florists and choco- vendors  flourish out to stand among the most profiting commercial set-ups in the town. The day when Venus's pigeon's wings get exhausted and rugged, by flying round the world to seal bonds. The day when wooing is done to the fullest. The day when the flirting tactics are entirely implemented. The day that is the most awaited and popular among the young adults.
The day that is the best for the lovers on the planet and a day of a pinch of regret for the non- lovers. A special day because on this occasion, the true heart speaks out of love, and the inner feeling gets exhibited to the entire world. The day when two heart collide, intersect and then overlap to unite as a single core.
This day ranks among the most beloved and beautiful days- The Valentines Day.
The Valentines Day is celebrated in the name of the great Saint Valentine- the uniter of love. The suitable month of the year- February, bores the birth of the great saint and the fourteenth day of the month is the Valentines Day.
Indeed a splendid and marvelous day for each inhabitant of our planet who has carved uopn the heart the name of someone. So a very happy Valentines Day.....May all the proposals invade a positive feeling among the hearts and may the lord be with the broken hearts..

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