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Monday, March 31, 2014

Superficial Joy

"The guy's just gravy. I mean he never seems to be enjoying the moment. He's just a jerk to bear a face as this. A dull visage on a gloomy face. He never laughs at silly cracks of jokes. Neither does he show signs of superficial jolly at times he is in the classroom, nor at times when he's feeling the swift breeze swing into his nostril while on the ground. He exhibits sharp looks and frightening eyes even while he's with musical element. A rather spooky being. He can be baptized as the 'sorrowful packet', that evolves out the radiations of grief to the fellow creatures." These are certain physical evaluations of a so-called spooky guy in the neighborhood, the guy who represents the 'someone' in the society who might be experiencing intrusive happiness. 
A human brain ranks among the topmost logic applying devices round the universe. A part of the brain has been assigned the work to draw out logistics and the other part interprets the statistics and liberates intermediate conclusions upon an unproven hypothesis. But the inevitable and obscuring authenticity reveals that recurrently the interpretations turn out to be false illusions of first sight or superficial impression.
But despite the very fact, our cerebral cortex behaves impertinently and cripples out unwanted words of conclusions.
The point that rests in the first lines stress towards a guy who never seems to enjoy his living. But this is what is perceived by us, though it ain't our peccadillo at all. The notions of our life have been shaped up from the greatest of the sages- experience. It can do wonders on our psychological existence. But yet the truth lies in the fact that a perception is not always true.
The person mentioned in the passage might be having the intrusive euphoric trait. There are certain people, when they enjoy, fragments and signs of their gleeful state echo round the ambiance. But there are some who stand apart from this fact. They find internal bliss in certain chores, they are actually cheerful and charming from within, they do have a euphoric state, but they don't show superficial signs of happiness. So the actual point lies in this very point at sooth.
So our human brain cannot perceive such intrusive signs of joy and we interpret such human as the morons who lack the ability to ordeal ecstasy. But in reality their interior being bears all bliss of life, but their skin stands as non- permeable membrane to the outflowing merriment. And the importance lies in the fact that, Are you happy from the inner within?
Yes, happiness is something inculcated in within the inner heart. Something that tends to be sprucing the intimate self and blooming up flowers of enchantment within the soul. Something that could not be seen, rather an abstract noun, but yet could be felt by the one injected with. It need not be exhibited upon the facial gestures at times. But it is a feeling of the intimate self.
So there are different ways of exhibiting happiness. As a human, we are not always right in reviewing someone’s state of emotions. So before drawing out various conclusions, a person’s internal state shall be deeply observed.
Human emotions occupy a new branch of research. The perplexities and complexities of emotions are something that could be closely observed and studied before drawing out a conclusion regarding a person’s emotion while carrying out a particular task.
So the guy mentioned in the above paragraph, might be enjoying his life to the fullest. He might be in a state of utmost ecstasy, though his visage does not depict the signs of joy. So the boy cannot be called a spooky guy at all. He might be someone who could be experiencing a different and a unique kind of merriment.
So human emotions are unpredictable as well as unperceivable. The sage who is meditating since years, might seem to be sleeping with his eyed closed, but in reality, he is in a state of meditation, i.e., he is thinking of his deep within. Similarly other states and emotions can be intrusive, so evaluating emotions is one of the most complicating task, and till date there are no instruments for precisely measuring ones level of joy. But hope that something shall be invented soon, that shall bear the ability of reviewing the actual emotions, not considering the facial expressions, but taking into consideration, the state of the heart, the mind and the soul. So that soon depressed people could be treated before symptoms are anchored into their body. So that someone happy could be easily spotted and someone sad could be easily entertained.
Science advances with calendars…..Hope that soon something would be invented that would bear the ability to interpret human emotions and wrong interpretations bearing errs aren't exposed....