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Friday, April 25, 2014

Emotional metamorphosis into young adults

 Those liberal days used to spill out the pot of merriment in every minutest of fact. The swamp of the neighbourhood used to transplant the organ to secrete endorphin to its excess. The gala juncture of gadding round with ecstasy in a  relaxed manner stretched out its dominance.When the menacing creatures of fantasies were the only role-plays of nightmares. When self scorn or contempt had no imprints of existence in the folds of livelihood. When the innocence used to be the defensive weapon when offensive acts of harassment was red- handedly caught.
                                             When the slime ridiculous errs invoked the screeches of excitement rather than yells of vexation among the by- standers When the  attachments never detached and grievances were ethereal, yet shame free usual cries stacked up at each hour of the day. When alacrity used to besiege and environ the physique, the liveliness used to spring out like hot spouts. When the peaks of tentative success in mere stances of life delighted the heart to its utmost limit. Those were the days when life was lived to the liveliest.
 But the nostalgia not only hews my monotonous routine and adds a scent of mirth to it, but that forces my thoughts to think: What had changed over the years??
 Every species on this planet undergoes metamorphosis. From the dainty dwarfness with cheeks with extra topping, we grow to have tall physiques with sturdiness. But thats the physical dimension of metamorphism. The other dimensions too amend with the advancement of the calender. With every year that passes on, there's something we lose and contemporaneously gain. But the liberty of gadding around spills off from our pot, as life advances.
 A short talk with certain young adults aided to surmise a very great plot of life. The nostalgia is forcing them to transform back into the first phase of life- the mere infantness. Each of them urged to get back into those liberal days. The barrel of the timid system of education was the most burdening part of their life. They found that everything had changed over the years.
1. What has drastically changed?
The pots of merriment seem to have been the emptied by now. The swamp of the neighbourhood is taught to us as a container of diesease causing microbes. The gala juncture of gadding round is now considered to be a drain of time and that we were expected to utilize that very time to do something productive. The nightmares of exams keep us awake, we have to take sleeping pills at times, though we are always cozy while reading.
2. Has your behaviour changed?
 At every moment of our life, we experience contempt. Our innocence has as though vanished like a soapy bubble into the air of misery that has dominated upon us. Moreover, our slightest of mistakes are evaluated with the impeachments of our daily needs.
3. Do you still believe that your attachments never detach?
 Relationships, breakups and certain other kind of attachments have made us inflated with desolation and despair. And the worst part is that we can't even shed pearls from our eyes, for that is something that shows our meek character, so the anguish isn't washed off at all. And this makes us feel very sad.
4. So is it that now you are never happy?
We do have euphoric periods. But we need to hunt a lot for certain mirth in the environment filled up with stress and tension.
5. Do you find happiness in minutest of achievements of success?
Rather success is of a complex character that costs us our sweat and demands hardwork and at the same time requires a bit of fortune. So finding happiness in success is impractical until true success ain't achieved.
6. So which phase do you prefer?
The childhood is something which is the best part of our lives. The mere kiddies usher in us a temptation to become like them. We would be glad if we could undergo reverse metamorphosis.
The answers that have been received point out to the very fact that tied together with physical metamorphosis, a person is also subjected to certain emotional metamorphism. And that each person tends to seek complete peace of mind, such that there are no duties to be fulfilled, there is no one to be exasperated at. Each person tends to seek the most comforting way of life and so does each one wish to travel back in time, impediment the Earth while one is in childhood so that the days shall never pass out.
But unfortunately time travel isn't possible yet. So it is us who have to carve ourselves with time. Though there's a lot to control upon during this stage of metamorphosis such as attraction, love and so on, but if we accept the defying chance that God has gifted us, and consider each leap of life as the leap to eternity, then no phase of life can distress us, no phase of life has the strength to conquer over the heart. Such an optimistic approach could help us phase any segment of emotional or conditional metamorphosis during this stage ( teenage) of life.
Every moment we must be ready to face the exigencies of life. We should be ready to take up the responsibilities of living. We should be ready to work harder, so as to achieve the permanent success in life.
Every new day arrives with a scent of newness. So we should face everything gallantly. At the same time, we shall take a step back and think over whether what has changed over the past years.....We must observe the deepest ourselves....This is what life aims to teach us...This is what life is...


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