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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kill the girl child

The entire world in the present day summons yells aiding to evoke an agnization among the invaders of female liberty. The scorching sun paves the way for the female proceedings, yet the setting of the dawn prohibits the gadding round of the women in the city. Crime against the female beings has trailed the peak of inhumanity. The every toddler who steps upon the Earth should be bestowed upon with certain humanly rights. Yet instead the very womb that has been gifted with the girl child is aborted at the very second after amniocentesis. These actions flock together to be tagged as some of the unjustifiable treatment to the mere girls.

But by the boon of grace, a tireless effort regardless of the consequences is being made by the epoch- makers of today’s juncture. The chanting of slogans has made a dramatic impact upon the thinking assets of people. The sex ratio range is depreciating at a gradual pace, yet the condition of the girl child has revolutionized only superficially. At the core of every heart there is a pinch of a sense of discrimination that prevails over the change upon the uppermost layer of thinking.
But yet the slogan- “Save the girl child” has scorched upon the thoughts and has brought about a drastic amendment in the thought process of people in the countryside too. It has undoubtedly lit up the hopes of survival of many infant females, and to surmise, the census of female inhabitants has increased in a flabbergasting manner.
So is it a time that we should celebrate the victory over the inevitable evil? Is it a juncture when we shall call upon bashes on the Earth?
Well, rather the answer is a big “no”.  Still with every new girl that is born, there are two females who suffer injustice in every fold of life. Not only by man-made means is the girl child suffering today. The pains, afflictions and disgrace towards them has been levied upon even by the omnipotent creator. The moments of agony that they experience due to their monthly cycle is a great part to be mentioned in the agenda of natural affliction. The various superstitious beliefs pertaining to the natural curse too hew the freedom of the females.
The man- made assaults are enough to crucify the self respect and liveliness of the women. In every task the done by them, there’s a long lasting list of circumstances that environs their cogitation. There might be a thought of the lick at the crowded market or a thought of the defect in the attire. Similar thoughts crumble the true sense of freedom among the women.
After such a pack of suffering that they bear each day, an act of euthanasia seems to be the most relevant phenomenon.  If the  true sense of mercy needs to be lamed upon the women, their existence is something that should be vanished from the Earth.
The way the agonies stretch at them. The manner in which a single act of eve teasing affects their minds. The way every single incident tames up their charm. The way, each act of discrimination turn them down. The way at times life feels hopeless to them.  The way they are commanded at and considered as an inferior race.  Such incident digs up a depression in their hearts and spending every second seems to be a grave penance to them. The certain feelings of inferiority encompass their entire living. The indignant acts of the men have shrouded their true being. 
The social evils such as the dowry system have obstructed their free living upon the planet. The various acts of injustice are still being in practice. And in such a world,  women’s living at norm has become a mess in the crap.
Well the filaments of bonding are tied once a tot steps upon the world outside the womb. So dieing every next second after being born is the worst of conditions. Instead death at a single stroke is better for them. Yes, kill the girl child. It is better to have them killed. Getting killed before being attached to people and before tasting the bitterness of living is better than getting killed.
So don’t save the girl child. Giving them a life and then destroying its true meaning is rather a great disgrace to humanity. It is better that no girl is born on this planet.  . So people want to save the girl child and then torture her mentally, and  hurt her inner soul in every possible manner. Instead, let the girl be aborted. At least she would not have to face the miseries.  At least she will not have to suffer every moment she breathes. At least she will be safe in heaven. At least the atrocities of mankind wouldn’t affect her single thought. At least she would not be confined in the cell of internal vexation that she would never be able to depict out.
 When something is lost, only then its true significance could be realized.  So let the gender ratio range increase year in and year out. Only then I suppose, the true significance of women would be comprehended.  So let the people realize the true need of women in the society. The cliché of kindheartedness, the symbol of sacrifice that they adore, has been wrongly used. So “Kill the girl child”. So that the men dominant world could understand the true importance of women in the society.

Still I suppose the evil- hearted beings would not be able to amend up by such evaluations too.  Such people shall rather peep into the Early Vedic period when women were dignified. So even then if they don’t change up, then better kill the girl child, so that every narrow minded, insolent, ill- hearted,  impure- souled and crack minded people could understand, where a woman shall stand in the society. So that a storm of equality prevails over the Earthians, and the two genders can walk hand in hand and succeed in every aspect of life. 

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