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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bonanza of gratitude- The Best Gift for Mothers' Day

"When I raised my eyelash for the first time,          
  When I cried and screamed while still mime.
  It was you who didn't slack,
  It was you who patted upon my back.

  When I needed a warming hug,
  When I acted just like a thug.
  It was you who held me tight,
  It was you who taught me right.

  When I used to stumble down,
  When I used to be lost in the town.
  It was you who sympathized me
  It was you  who used to poke and see.

  When I  used to be scorched by fear,
  When I used to urge for someone dear,
  It was you who shod my fright,
  It was you who stood upright.

  When my fortune had been blown,
  When I used to weep all alone,
  It was you who knew what I felt,
  It was you who comprehended what I dealt.

  When I was addicted and binged,                                
  When from my body misdemeanor fringed,
  It was you who guided me through,
  It was you who taught me what was true.

  When life to me seemed just pale,
  When I was just about to stale,
  It was you who accompanied me through my way,
  It was you who helped me sway.

  When I was unaware of the world outside,
  When I was to commence my ride,
  It was you who taught me to stand,
  It was you who held my hand."

In every moment of our life, our mother is always there for us. From the very time of our creation, she bore us. For the afflicting 9 months, she sauntered all round, just to take care that we weren't smacked. During our birth, the agonies hat she went through were incredible. While an infant, she taught us to stand upon our toes. She has always been there during our grievances and ecstasies.
She walkes every step with us in order to gawk that we won't stumble.
She understands every thump of our heart. Without a single sign, she can know our inner emotions. She has sacrificed everything for us. She has helped us to become whatever we are.
She teaches us what is good, and obstructs us from the evils of life. She protects us and guides us in every fold. At times she does exasperate but the next moment she embraces us.
In every exigency she aids us to find a cliche. In every defiance she stands with us. And whenever we need her, without a single utterance, she leaves aside all chores and held our hand and says,
"I will always love you,
  And perpetually while I live,
  I will always be there for you."

This is what a mother is. So on this occasion of Mothers' Day, a bonanza of gratitude arises naturally. So let us thank our mothers from the vehement pureness of our being. Lets thank our mothers to have panicked for us throughout their lives. Let us all say it together:
"Thanks a lot our dear mom,
  You helped me fight every storm.
  I thank you for everything; from the very start,
  I thank you from the core of my heart."

Whether a child is physically or mentally sound or not, fair or dark, slim or stout, dumb or genius, rich or poor, a mother always selflessly loves her child. She devotes her entire life for her children So let us too love our mother.
Have we ever thought that how hurting our mother might be feeling due to our certain words and actions? So let us think over it and pledge not to be rude to our mothers just because they bear the tyranny. So lets pledge to be kind to our mothers. Lets gift them what they deserve. So this mothers' day, the best gift to a mother would be true love and lots of respect. Lets not spree round and show up our malignant being towards them. This would be the present that we could gift them.......
"All the daughters and all the sons,
  Have bought all pastries and all buns.
  Its time for a bash today,
  Lets forget all the griefs in our way,
  Oh! Lets just color the gray.
  Oh! You gave us what money can't pay,
  But at least to the least that I can say,
  Oh Mom! a very Happy Mothers' Day."