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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Life defy us at every single step. At every second, there's a strike of a vigorous exigency that tingles our tranquility. There's an intimate call that streams our proceedings and aids to scale up all the rancorous challenges of life. But an exception floats upon each water molecule despite of its heavy density. There are certain flicks of livelihood when a crack up plunges our filaments of living and at aforesaid creeping of life, there's always a need of a guiding element. Such an element that fluxes our being and tinkles a bell of up on our on- goings by elucidating us of the true basis of the happening and the skillful step that could solve up the very difficulty or help to chase our errands of our sojourn at Earth.
At times in life, there's a vehement need to be explicated the path that is the best to move on. At times we do wrangle up our rationality into an unending dispute of thought processes, and we badly ought to be advised by a perfect empiricist. At such a juncture of upbringing there's a motivating word that could deviate our deviated chosen way of living. And the way every parent holds up the hand of his/her child while he/she is a toddler and aids the child to get up ad face the abnormalities and coarseness upon the floor and helps the child to walk upon his feet, much the same way, there's a need of a hand that could guide every move of living. And such a hand that could amend the livelihood is termed a motive.
Motivation plays a vital role in life. The legendary wizards too at certainties require a motivational word to proceed further. One cannot be omniscient enough to make all the decisions without negotiations. And such negotiations might motivate the lifestyle.
Truly speaking each person suffers a success greed. So thats the reason why we love reading motivational books and articles. We always tend to seek the best path that could help trail the highest peak in the universe. And that is something not wrong. Sometimes a meek guideline can change up our entire position. This meek guideline is nothing but motivation.
So motivation can help us fight every evil that comes our way. Whether it be the inner perplexing, the outer exigency or the surrounding difficulties. Something in sooth could inspire us and advice us to drive upon the correct path. And motivation forces us to work with dedication.
Motivation may be intrinsic or extrinsic depending upon its origin. Intrinsic motivation is derived from within an individual, i.e., a desire might motivate and inspire a person to perform a particular task. And extrinsic motivation is the inspiration provided by an external cause or being.
Whether it be intrinsic or extrinsic, but motivation is something that is the fuel for life. Without the fuel no car can accelerate or move ahead. Not a single being can proceed without a motivating hand. Thoughts divert, lifestyles deviate but its always motivation that drags one to the correct path and forced one to dedicate his/her life in achieving the desirous goal.

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