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Sunday, June 8, 2014


 There was a time when I used to wonder what exactly innocence was. Was it just being kind and honest? Or was it being true to ourselves and people? But soon with the spark of time, I comprehended the true meaning of innocence. I apprehended the meaning by the aid of a five- year old infant cousin of mine that I visited last week.  The girl depicted the extent to which true innocence can stack a person into. The minor conducts of the girl released a scent of purity in the surroundings.
  Upon my first sight for the very first time, she cried and deceived my approach. But her cry shadowed the inner liking for me. That was just her innocence that shadowed it. She was menaced by my sudden arrival and so was she procrastinating my gaze at her.
  But soon with the passage of time, her innocent self submitted her to me. She raged and sat upon my lap and embraced me to the fullest. She fidgeted a bit upon me and then gagged for a while and stared at me with the largest of eyeballs. Her stare at me wasn't sly or malignant, but her impeccable sight was overflown with affection. Her squealing at times was seldom heard by then. She had adapted herself to me. Her visage which was tangled with innocence strengthened my belief of the very fact that Gods habitat in tykes.

  Every single act of the girl mated upon my mind and forced me to indulge into her innocent acts of joy. Her calm and enlivening touch had later roused in me an unknown attachment and my inner heart bloomed up with rhapsody.
   A rationalizing thought was just knocking at my mind, but the door wasn't yet ajar, to allow the true meaning of innocence to flow into my ocean of notions. The dawn of cognition of the literal meaning of being naive had broke out, but the foggy and pale weather was obstructing the explication of the correct sense of the word.
But the vehement rise of the meaning itself, threw off all the filth and smog particles aside and gave a crystal clear view of the entire purity revolving round the very being - innocence. But the rise had been preceded by a normal event for some and a quite complicated incident for intellectuals.
The tale followed a landmark achievement. It had been almost one- fourth of a dozen years since I had visited a kids enjoyment zone. The area bore just absurd rides, monotonous games and a scattered rabble. The place seemed utterly uninteresting to me. But for my tiny cousin, it was a kind of a heavenly ravine, where she had perpetually sojourned in her dreams. Her eyes lit up like the brightest of wicks and she hasted into the grand zone. Readily, soon after the payment the girl scampered into each and every whirling ride of the zone. The very time yielded a true sense of boredom in me.
And so I stood immobilized for a considerable span of time thinking for the reason of the volatility of interests in life. I wondered why used to feel euphoric when I used to sit on those chaffing rides. I procured the huge shift of my interest and likings along with my growing age. A still deeper dive into the archived memories revealed that I was nearly the age of my cousin while I used to find those unreal rides infatuating. Yet I wrapped my hypothesis into the folds of epidermis of doubts that I bore in my brain.
The next very day again, the accompaniment of the girl provoked the pensiveness lying intrinsic in me. The sight of the girl elating to the fullest, while driving a hand- driven toy car stunned me up. The aforesaid condition once again evolved the baffling thoughts in me. And the most puzzling wrangle was the reason for the jolly that the girl gained by riding the unrealistic four wheel drive.
The next moment she indulged into some other thought attracting action, she tried to scare me with a mumble in the daylight. It really felt silly, but even I pretended to be scared. And after I acted as if fright really struck me, she burst into an uncontrollable laughter.
The demeanor of the girl choked my coherence. I felt as if certain actions are beyond the clear sense of reasoning. And a mere truth approached me, and whispered that happiness and enjoyment need not have a reason every time. But still my quest for comprehending the secret hidden in the silly rapture continued until I summoned an abrupt rage of thoughts.
The rage pointed towards the true sense lying into the embossed letters of the word 'innocence'. And the next wink of my eyelids aided me to define the word innocence in my inner diction. I evaluated each step and move of the girl to its fullest. And then apprehended the true meaning of innocence.
What struck me at first was that in accordance with me, I myself had lost my innocence. Because innocence was purity of being, but this was a very theoretical definition according to me. But in the practical and actual world a person's innocence is judged by his deeds. Taking into consideration the tyke cousin of mine, an innocent person is someone who can enjoy the tiniest of happening without trying to find a reason.
The girl never thought why she enjoyed sitting on the rides in the kids zone. She just summoned elation in doing so and so she loved doing so. Alacrity had no reason in her life. She never thought of what caused the inner alacrity. She never tried to think for reasons, or she never lamented that why she wasn't able to drive a real car rather than a toy car. The materialistic world was just nothing for her. Woe and melancholy had no room in her life. She was stress resistant and free of worries. She wasn't introduced to misery and meanness. Dishonesty, disgrace and resentment didn't fondle her existence. Her heart was pure and good- willing. This was her true innocence and this is what I feel innocence is.
So the dark part of the quest for innocence revealed that innocence is inversely proportional to age and empiricism. the moment the rancorous thoughts approach the mind, the volatile innocence gradually vaporizes away. And the moment we hunt for reasons to enjoy life, the total innocence disappear in the air.
The way the bubbles used to gladden us, the way the balloons used to attract our attention and the way dressing barbies and dolls seemed to be a life long errand were all due to the innocence that rested in our soul.
With Renaissance started the era of rational thinking. But soon the rationality of thoughts took a deep dive. People started finding reasons for almost everything. And the day people apprehended the miseries and dark patches of living, the innocence started fading into the aura.
So if still at times, if you feel that you are happy and you don't know why? Then it indicates that there are traces of innocence hidden beneath your heart. The rhyme "If you re' happy and you know" has a deep evaluation of happiness in it. It just states that if you are happy, and if you know, then just forget everything and enjoy the enjoyment of enjoying.
At times reasoning is vital in life, so even innocence in excess isn't good. Innocence at certain junctures of life is advantageous. So a pledge from this moment to add up a topping of innocence on our cakes of life could help garnish our cake and make our living a better living. So remember to welcome happiness without trying to find a reason for it, and you will find that life takes you to a peak of merriment. And after all, bliss is the reason for living. And finding reason in the reason for living is just ridiculous. So let euphoria spread in your lives, love enjoyment, love your living and let a frail of innocence besiege your existence.

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