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Friday, August 1, 2014


'Mercy resides in the inner pericardium of our heart. When the heart profound someones' words, sight or condition, there might be a sudden caress that unfurls the thin layer acting as a hiatus between the mercy and the haemo-flow. This rupture might be strolling the mercy into the blood, instigating a sense of leniency into the reflexes. This reflex might then be resulting into the merciful acts that we all commit.
So the clemency of a person relies upon the softness of the heart and the pericardium. Whether the rupture occurs promptly enabling us to bestow mercy upon someone or it delays the fruitful reflex leading to contemptuousness soon after the right moment passes out, depends from head to toe upon us. So to defend a self scorn by bluffing the inner self will not be left an option at all, for the choice to act with leniency is always in our court.
In our monotonous chaotic living, we are rather hardening the pericardium in every fold. The minute we sight a worth pitying creature, we tend to ignore the caressing at the heart surface. We instead try to flee away from the energy that waves at us for aid. The seemingly merciful people starve round the Earth, but their sight can not at all induce a feeling of clemency among us .
Hundreds of people round the Blue planet are worth -being helped out of mercy. The medically and physically disabled people barrage with life every second they breathe. They feel the feelings but cannot deal with them. The agony encompasses them throughout the day. They yell out in loneliness screeching for mercy to be levied upon them. They pray to end up their lives. But their voice is at times gets trapped due to sluggishness of their larynx. They starve of freedom from the wheelchairs. They too wish to sight the stars and hear the jingles. They too have the urge to carve their writing upon papers, and stamp their footprints on the seashore. But they are gifted by God with helplessness and a permanent inertia for rest. The only companion bestowed upon them are sombre, grief, woe, dole, sorrow, melancholy and affliction. So these chums are enough to rationalize their urge to end up the pilgrimage of the life of agonies. They feel that their soul should be freed from the inhuman life they live for they know that the next life that their soul would receive, would depict an eternal well being. They would then be able to behave normally.
But the guards of the door of life, fulfill their duties honestly and in doing so act as perfectly as robots. They too don't adore feelings just as the robots do. Merely they exasperate at the person begging for death like any other beggar asking for materialistic ailments. Excusing this vexation and protestant tendency as a method to prevent disgrace of religions that declare voluntary death as a sin. Some protestants excuse this restriction as a method to prevent involuntary illicit Euthanasia that resembles a kind of murder.
Religion pleads people to do good and is meant for the good will of the people. So how can one use the religion as a tool to offend Euthanasia. Religion should defend well- being at any stake, and euthanasia is rather for the well being of the trapped souls, so how can a law made by the well wishing tool offend well being? This question is capable of surmounting all the religious offenses put forward.
So despite knowing the afflictions of the sufferers, why are we being merciless? Why don't the lawmakers make Euthanasia licit. Don't all the souls have the right to wander round healthily in the freezing breeze. The captivity of souls in the body corresponds to imprisonment to death for an impeccable prisoner. So can't the book be thrown against this torture to the soul.
If the body isn't killed, than fine, there's no sin done, but actually speaking, the soul starves in the physique as a helpless captive. So after  all torturing is a more inhuman crime. So is torturing better than killing? Well, that's one of the wrangling questions, that strikes the lawmakers. But as to humanity is concerned, capital crime is better among the two.
So why not cease the sufferers' handcuffs that we hold? Why not let the people end up their distress? They too are mend of the same materials. Why to let them suffer, when a new life awaits their harbinger. Why not let the frightful birds fly off into the eternal heaven where a new life awaits their fortune.
Euthanasia: Physician assisted death
Some cons of the Euthanasia ('easy killing' in Greek) include the increase in the number of involuntary Euthanasia acts, stating of murders as an act of Euthanasia. And thereby, an increase in clean chits for the criminals. But a neurosurgeon operates every patient, despite of the fact that the mortality rate in neurological operations is quite low. So even in Euthanasia chances of illicit killing would be high like chances of death in neurosurgery, but that doesn't mean that due to a dozen fake mercies, a hundred might be left onto this planet, bearing dismay. So in fear of the bad, can the good be overlooked? Being scared of the wrong- doings can the good deeds be suspended? Well, the answer remains unrevealed until the Supreme Court in India announces its judgement.
Well, in several countries, Euthanasia is legalized by now. But still there are a number of countries that do not permit Euthanasia. And as to India is concerned, all the answers rely upon the knock of the judge's hammer.
The hammer's soon to either relieve hundreds of souls or declare them as a life long captive.
So whether active euthanasia,  i.e., direct killing of a person or passive euthanasia, i.e., killing a person indirectly, i.e., by ceasimg to give proper medicines in order to kill a person is preferrable, is another question that blocks the way to a true freedom of souls.
But anyways, the literal answers to all these questions lie deep within each creature. Whether the true mercy for sufferers arise in us or not? Whether the ruptures in our heart develop a clemency filled attitude within us or not? Whether we let the caterpillars- the sufferers fly into the sky like the butterflies. Whether we are still superstitious and religiously bound or practically thoughtful and believe in goodwill? Whether we take risks in life or be frightful and ruin souls due to the fear?
The answer lies in how we review life. Its upto us how our contemplations oscillate round this matter. Its upto us whether the pericardium ruptures or the adrenaline secretes while something worth mercy is viewed.
So the hundreds of lives today, rest upon our thinking. Hundreds of souls await our decision.
So lets join hands in this rally to reach a decision. Let's raise our voice to legalize Euthanasia, so that the sufferers could step out of the world and then soon return back with another physique and feel the wind gush through their veins. See the rainbow enrich the sky, smell the flowers in the bewitching backyard, step upon the filthy floor and perform dexterous dealings.