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Friday, August 29, 2014

Creativity Killing

A new celebration squeaked the door of our hearts, that heralded to broom back the grit of joy and the filth of happiness in the lives of the inhibitory spirited tykes of the Key Stage 4 (10th grade). A frail of elation prevailed, for the Teacher's Day carnival was dated within the next two weeks. And the droplets of ideas that encompassed the students were enough to fill up a whole of an ocean. But the word 'IDEA'  in our terms indicated a thought that had bubbled after perception of something that was prevalent since decades. The ideas actually should be something that evolve naturally. Something that is quite creative and different from the primitive prevailing ongoing. But the fright of being mocked at, suppressed all naturally occurring ideas and the ocean was filled up with the common and aforethought ideas. And certain droplets of gallant demiurgic cogitation were forcibly subjected to evaporation by the cohesive forces of the drops that plopped in the ocean.
This evaporation of ideas is something that can be called as Creativity Killing. This is the killing of new innovations that knock at the minds of some of the tykes. The rationalizing reason for such an act could be the fright of being mocked at. Or the thought of seeming to be out of the trend, if something new is done. In the race of walking with the trend, today, people's thoughts tend to coincide with that of others, as toeing the trend is doing what has always been thought and done. And so the one who's thoughts don't coincide with the trend seem to be the out of the world, boring, outdated, old fashioned and not-in-the-trend personality.
So shouldn't creativity killing be persuaded as a crime. Well, after all a reason for an answer is must. I rather say it should be. But at the same time it shouldn't be too. For it wasn't the children's fault that they thought that a new idea shall be mocked at. Because even most of the adults bear this kind of mentality, and that's what is prevailing since generations. So if Creativity Killing is considered a crime, then each dignified human being today (at least in India) should be subjected to imprisonment on this charge.
Killing (of any severe type) is subjected to fines and imprisonments. So isn't creativity killing a severe crime and isn't creativity a genuine factor of development? Well, the answer is a big "NO" in accordance to our mentality. If someone thrives to do something different, we mock at the person, we sass that the person is crazy and thinks of himself too highly. But have we ever thought that let's give the new thought a try? We simply reject the new pattern of working, tagging it as uninteresting and useless. But why don't we try out the new idea. Confidence blooms once we succeed. And success comes only if we try. And the confidence will encourage others to be creative in return, and creativity shall dominate.
But as if tug with the virtual handcuffs of self-respect, we simply flee from new thoughts. And at the last, not at all allow a single pinch of new ideas in our verandah. Knowing that killing is a crime, yet we unknowingly kill creativity. In this run, we ourselves don't think creatively and at the same time with the weapon of discouragement, abstain others too from doing so.
We won't be able to change our instigated thinking till we don't realize the true importance of creativity. The European countries honor creativity and welcome the thoughts of each being, and at last come up with a whole new idea. The year long stay in U.K. taught me a lot about the success of the Western Countries. At school the worst paintings of mine were appreciated and the worst of my writings were stuck upon the notice board. This encouraged me to paint more and write more, and gradually with increasing confidence, my fear dwindled and the new idea section of my brain got stimulated. Then all our final write ups were taken into a consideration and an entire new story was formed and it was one of the best stories that were printed in Bramely Students Newsletter. So a new piece of work was born out of creativity.
Inspiring new thoughts at the base level is necessary for the upliftment of a new mind set in a community.
A simple instance of creativity killing among Indians was observed by me just a few days ago. As mentioned earlier, the Teacher's Day Function duties were all bestowed upon the students. And the ocean filled with olden ideas evolved. I spotted children who were pleading to try out something different, but their ideas were plunged in the air. And the entire function plan was blueprinted as almost the same as the last year's put ups.
So did any new idea progress during the setting up? Did any development of the students' thinking take place with that put up? Well, the answer is known to each one of us. and such functions are not mere entertainment imparters. But they actually should boost up a child's confidence and bloom up new thoughts.
Well for a country to develop, new ideas are must. Science and literature advancements are possible only with creativity. The country with a high intellectual level is also the one where a mass of creative thinkers exist. So firstly, we have to realize the importance of creativity so as to honor it. Once we realize its significance, then the guts to do something new will automatically pop out. The donkeys work hard everyday, but is there anything new that they do? Do the people appreciate them and aspire to be like them? Well then similarly, doing same things again and again is not at all going to work out. Doing something new and different is what that shall be appreciated. Why to toe the lines of others? We shall instead set out our own frail in this world. Rather than following a role model our goal shall be becoming a role model. And for becoming a role model, creativity is must.
So now the ball is in our court. Lets spurt our creativity into the air and fill up the air of our country with newness. Let's be creative in the minutest of acts. Only then the nimbus cloud of creativity shall be formed. Lets work to create awareness among the Creativity Killers of the consequences of their at. And yes, they are punished. Stagnancy is their punishment. While the creative thinkers fly up high in the sky, the creativity killers remain clogged in the same place for years and for generations at times.
So just the change of mindset is must. And then the world could be a different place for living. "Just give it a try" should dominate our lips and then definitely the next morning's Sun would bestow a creative thought upon our mind, which will be enough to change the dimension for us. That will be enough to make a difference. That will be enough for the developments and advancements of our country and that will be enough to satisfy our souls. 


  1. really heart touching
    i find ur stand out from that ocean as a highly venerable one
    proud to be one of ur friends

    1. ohh thanks a lot Damini... Glad to know that you think like that.. :*

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