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Saturday, April 18, 2015


 The night shimmered and the leaves trembled. The clouds struck, the sky was illuminated momentarily and none but a wild bat was sighted . The girl was all alone, wandering in the horrifying jungle. She felt a pinch of loneliness. Is this only what loneliness is?
All alone in a group of people

Our neurons could be polarised for loneliness even when we are encompassed by several human beings. Loneliness is something that stretches its extent to such heights that it is beyond comprehension. It is a feeling created by our Creator in the realm of our heart in order to bind us together socially.
A girl is sitting in a room with a number of people. There is a barragement of thoughts and ideas in her mind but somehow she could not confide with anyone. People around her are real and respectable human beings yet the girl feels hesitated to speak up. A feeling strikes her heart, she feels uneasy, her mind feels a kind of mourning and a temporary grief  surrounds the girl. This feeling that the girl experiences, is loneliness.
Though in a group, a lonely person feels like as shown in the picture

Loneliness is said to be "the want of intimacy". It has also been defined by the philosopher "Soren Kierkegaard" as "shut-upness and solitariness of the civilized". It is distinguishable from mourning. In simple words, loneliness is the need of someone close to the heart with whom all the phases of life could be enjoyed and every incident could be discussed.
A lonely person's thoughts are the ones that sprout the seed of their loneliness. Our mind works in whatsoever way we guide it to. So once we start thinking of being lonely, we end up being lonely. Loneliness is the strongest of emotions and feelings and so once we are lost into the ocean of self isolation, all the other thoughts get barred behind the negative emotion of lonesomeness. As a result, we simply couldn't think of anything else but being isolated. Negative notions tend to seek a permanent place in our brain. So once the want of intimacy wins over us, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of it. Metacognition proves that thoughts possess the power of killing. So, intense chronic loneliness could lead to a number of symptoms which include diseases like Alzheimer's disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and even death. Loneliness could at times end up into depression and suicidal attempts. Moreover, once one enters in a state of loneliness, the person starts feeling more antisocial. Loneliness thus, being a complex phenomenon could have several effects ranging from psychological to physical on a person suffering from it and so its influence must be prevented.

An absence of a soul mate is what loneliness is. So loneliness tends to point out to a kind of selfishness. It is the want of someone who would be with us all the time and keep on thinking of us. And such a covetous nature depicts ones' selfishness. Yet the fact that each person has this greed cannot be denied. The heart seeks someone to rather get attached to. But when the "Attachment not found" message reaches the brain, the soul begets loneliness.
To surmise, loneliness being a psychological condition, it could be treated by one's own will. We  could be lonely only until we ourselves want to be. As soon as we feel lonely we must start thinking of the comforting words that someone would have ever said to us. This technique would relieve much of the urge to cry that gathers into our heart. Anon, we all do know that an attachment needs a first step to be taken. We must join the crowd and make friends with new people. That's the way to win over the evil of isolation. Every new bond entangles with a broad smile. And that would definitely be enough to trash the feeling of loneliness.
We tend to defend ourselves from evil happenings, but thinking of being lonely instead pushes us into the hell of the evil world of lonesomeness. So, when we are on the edge to fall into the ditch, we must hold someone's hand who can pull us out of dark world of negative cogitations, keeping in mind that the first move should be from our side.
Just one move into the social world could simply treat all the lonesomeness in our hearts and our soul would finds its mate as soon as it attempts to do so. And once we get that soul mate, life would become much better and the word loneliness would no longer mean anything. So lets step out of this darkness of negative contemplation and step into an optimistic and positive dimension of socialism, friendship and love.


  1. Dear Vrushti,
    My question to you is could this loneliness help us in practicing meditation, since loneliness helps in concentrating very easily? I think this could be the positive side of your topic..

    1. Thank You Mr. Paras Trivedi , for reading my article.
      First of all what meditation actually is? It is contemplating of our Creator and feeling His presence or being with our own self and peeping into our inner being. So when we are meditating, we aren't lonely, instead we are getting a companion to get along with ( either our soul self or our Creator). Moreover, it ain't necessary for us to be alone while meditating. It just requires concentration. But yes, I would say that meditation could definitely be a cure of loneliness to a certain extent.