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Friday, February 13, 2015


 God created the humans on Earth. He, in a demiurgic manner, layered each organ of our body with each feelings and functions. And to the heart did he give the most tedious job of pumping blood, such that he made it the organ of life. In the different realms of the heart he daintily stuffed different feelings. This depicted the fact that as heart functioned until death, so he wanted a person to be emotionless only when the heart beat impediments or when a person dies.

 So, we humans are accompanied by sentiments in every walk of life. Without emotions we would become like lifeless mass of perfectly  manufactured physique. So God thought to stuff us with several emotions. Firstly, he created the positive emotions. But then, as he was brushing it up, he created negative emotions, so as to emphasize the importance of positive feelings. But later, he thought that it would be difficult to bind the humans with each other without a certain feeling because miseries would only lead to violence and extinction of the race. So, then God created the most beautiful and binding emotion, and maybe, the homo sapiens baptized it as- love.
 Actually, love is that gluing feeling created by God that attaches the hearts. The way resonant bodies acquire same amplitude, similarly, when the frequency of brain waves and heart waves of two people synchronize, a kind of bonding is formed between them and the feeling of love does its work. That is why love creates filaments of bonding between any two people in the firmament who don't seem to be similar by blood, but their frequencies match.
 The way every new creation gets gradually garnished by unwanted ailments, even the true meaning and sense of love has been being topped by layers of vulgarity and wrong comprehensions. Whenever love comes to mind, the physical attraction is the first thing that we visualize and due to that, the true sense of love is being killed. When being racy comes first to the mind, that isn't love.
 The word love is being thought to be a kind of obnoxious and vulgar. When we read the word-love, do we first think of connate love towards our parents? No, we simply think of a valentine's love. The kind of love to be approved by cupid- the God of love. The kind of love that is actually infatuation.
So to connote, the true meaning of love has vanished.
 God created that pious and sacred emotion of bondage which has been wrongly interpreted these days. Moreover, this word, besides being vulgar, has become a trend among youngsters. An "I love you", and the opposite gender listener, becomes completely theirs. Whether the heart attaches or not, the brain gets attracted by a person, and the proposal creeps in.
 Actually the word love has a deep philosophy underneath it. Love isn't just a single feeling. The way, the pituitary gland is the master gland, love is the master emotion. Contemporary with love arises satisfaction, attraction, happiness, joy and its synonymous feelings. We human beings are addicted to comfort, shelter and protection. And love provides the same shelter, comfort and protection. So love doesn't arise from the physical feelings, only attraction can arise in such a manner. And once love arises, if it is an opposite gender person, then another kind of love ushers and the hormones create the physical feeling. But this new kind of love is actually an offspring of the first kind of love,i.e., the affectionate love. So sexual love arises only from affectionate love. If the physical love arises first instead of affectionate love, then it is actually not love, but it is infatuation or attraction. This deep meaning of love has been misinterpreted and the word "love" has been undignified.
 A coffee table talk with teenagers have brought about the only physical meaning of love. I asked one of them that what according to him, was actually the true meaning of the word love. The explanation went on for quite many sips. He said, "Love is being loyal to my dearest girlfriend. Love is having blind faith upon my girlfriend. Love is touching no one (a girl) other than my girlfriend with vivid intentions. My girlfriend has become a habit for me, just like rum becomes an addiction, similarly, my love, my girlfriend has become a necessity for me ( to quote his words) - wo mera nasha ban gayi hai. " Well, maybe, he was right in his part, I didn't use the illicit polygraph test on him to find out whether he truly loved his girlfriend but there was something critical that I noticed.

 I had never mentioned about love towards his girlfriend. I mean, I had simply asked him what love was. He did not even utter a single word relating to the other forms of love. I mean motherly affection meant nothing to him. I don't tend to criticize anyone who helped me to hunt for the meaning of love but it means that the smell that I had perceived of the vanishing vapours of the true meaning of the sacred emotion was not an illusion.
 So, altogether love is a complicated feeling that has been given a simple name by the English lexicographers. There would have been a thousand million google searches this Valentines Week on the topics like "How to love" or "Whom to love" or "How to show love" or "What to gift to impress a lover", but I bet, not even a thousand searches would have been for questing the meaning of the word "love".
 The couples boast of that they could elucidate to anyone, the meaning of love. The coffee table talk was for the same purpose. I wanted an explanation of the feeling of love. But the results really left me startled. The parental love is as though not at all love for the young adults. They just simply lived, to dress up to impress the already impressed and the unimpressed ones.
 Every hunt must have a connotation, and my personal views of true love is that of course love is an attachment of hearts and not the brains, but when we love a person, we do not try to keep trying to win over the person's heart. the way teens of today, dress up and spend thousands extravagantly to impose a good impression upon the lover is quite ridiculous according to me. I would never hesitate to stroll around in front of my father in my night suit with undone and uncombed hair. I would not think before making a foolish comment in my brother's presence. I would not worry if anyone of them gets infuriated with me. I would be sure that their heart waves are never going to change and so will mine. So the love is never to increase. The glues sticky enough to tie my minutest atom with my family. I would not be ashamed to show my weaknesses to my grandma, or my absurd jokes would always keep irritating my grandpa. I have been falling down in their presence, and have been balancing myself in their presence. In my ups and downs, they have never left me alone. I would never bring chocolates in order to win over anyone of them. I know that god destined us to stay together and so did he attach us and grouted us. Then why not being the true "me" in front of them. So, I feel, this is true love.
Howsoever I look, my mom loves me.
Because that is what true love is.

 One doesn't need to even verbalize those "I love yous" in order to express one's feeling to a true lover again and again. The greeting cards and flowers are all rubbish. The materialistic attractions encourage such acts. I don't blame teenagers because their hormones indirectly are the cause of the attractions that have been misinterpreted in most cases as love. But it is a kind of genuine point that they must think over, before getting into a relationship that are they meant for each other...Is their love only physical love or the affectionate love. Have they always been trying to impress each other or have been in their ground state in front of their lover.
 There's a need for the couples to understand that other forms of love do exist and that the true and sacred emotion of bondage needs to be preserved. Just take a step back and set off for the voyage to search for the true feeling of love in the seas of emotions created by God. Actually, love is incomprehensible. The only way to define love is the compassion and affection towards a person whose company feels comfortable, shame- free, joyous, amiable and amicable. There's no need to ogle at our mother. So love isn't a lecherous feeling, it is the voice of our heart.
 So, this Valentine's  Day, the best gift to anyone could be elucidation of the true meaning of the pious and sacred emotion - love.
"Love is: drowning,
 In the ocean of affection.
 Love does neither see
 The form nor complexion.
 It sees not, one's extravagance
 And one's biz.
 An intimate attachment,
 Love truly is."

  It is an humble plead to each human to not to crumble the importance and purity of the intelligently inscribed emotion in the realms of our heart. Love is not only meant for the peace of mind. But love is meant for the peace of our souls. And if our your soul rests when we are with someone, then it means we love that "someone". Peace of the soul is a litmus test for intimate love.


  1. Wow..! Beautiful ..! "Love is God". But surly love is not attachment...,! Attachment even with parents..! Master says in this world there is only and only one sin .,,to say , " mine". My car, my girlfriend , my student my this my that..,! The moment this mine drops then every thing is love only..!: Sandeep tyagi

    1. Thank you very much sir, first of all for reading the article and then for your genuine comment. Really, this comment gave a very new angle to my thoughts. Thanks again :)

    2. But at the same time sir, if love is not attachment, then what can the feeling that grouts and binds people be called? Not only people there is our bondage with God too, if even that isn't attachment, then how could love be described?

    3. What I feel what bind people together is their trust on each other…you cannot love a person until and unless you trust that person and be frank with him/her you don’t feel free in their presence….
      You then just in order to win some person or attract him/her, start acting and present yourself in some other way far away from originality…..
      It is good, but then only in cases when to win someone or something you, in your viewpoint become a better person.
      But for the same case, if you have to deal with your morals and you fall in your eyesight, then I would feel that it would be something wrong….
      And for god, I feel that it is our faith in him....
      I don’t have the depth of my thoughts as much as you and sir, but this was what I felt….maybe I am wrong…

  2. I must say vrushti… the others this article is also very good…..
    Love is something which is selfless… does not aim at achieving things or attaining them…it rather aims at appreciating things….
    When you appreciate things, you look at it with an open mind, leaving aside all the others bad aspect (which changes for every second person) and praise it in every way you can….
    And to what sir says, I also agree somewhat because for me, love is only selfless devotion and not just winning gaining things maybe even people….
    Wherever selfishness seeps in, love is destroyed….you become materialistic…
    This is my viewpoint which I have placed in front of you…hope you will think about it….

    1. Your viewpoint is quite true Apoorva. "Love is appreciating things" this line mates my mind. But at the same time, changing of oneself for winning someone's love is what I don't find to be true. Whenever, we love, if both ours and the loved one's frequency match, then there's no necessity of changing oneself at all. Love is being in our own form, and yet being liked by others. In fact, Osho says that love through love, we start appreciating ourselves more than ever and finally we lose our identity. We don't change ourselves for loving someone, but at certain point, we lose ourselves in that "someone". So love is the bonding of the threads that are not even visible under the microscope. Love is not an outcome of trusting someone, but trusting someone is an outcome of love.
      Anyways, glad to know that you have been reading all my blogposts and giving a critical analysis of them too. Thank you for reading as well as reviewing Apoorva. :)

  3. Vrushti what I actually meant to say was the same thing that you said...that you should not act or change yourself just to please doing so, what actually happens is that as I would say: I lose the real 'ME'..... and losing the real me would be the greatest loss for me than any other loss in this world...... ;)

    1. Okay that's fine... Sorry for misinterpreting you... :) And thank you very much once again Apoorva:)

  4. I have fallen in love with your writing and of course the discussion around it.

  5. God isn´t love. God (=the demiurge) is divide-et-impera. His duality-world is made for suffering, agony and pain. Just look at the laws of nature. They are not made of love. Nature is eating and getting eaten - the stronger ones survive. I see no love at all on this place here.
    It´s even in the words. Turn around the word live ... and it becomes evil. Turn around the german word for life (Leben) and it becomes Nebel - which is fog in english.

    The laws of life show the nature of god - and is is not love, but evil. Don´t get me wrong. I love your sensitive way of writing. But i cannot agree to the positive thoughts on life. If you just look honestly on the laws of surviving, life is disgusting. And i absolutely cannot have positive thoughts on things that are disgusting. Having positive thoughts on negative things is called ignorance. And that is what this demiurge "god" wants ... ignorant people that ignore the bad things on his world so that he can go on with this never ending suffering bullshit world without anyone complaining about it.