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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life- Never Give it Up

 "I no more want to live " were the words, and the conversation of the two protagonist of the chronicle feathered by "Ved Vyasa" took pace. It was a war scenario with the sun having set a few moments ago. The speaker was the great archer and my most favorite hero of history- Arjun and the listener was God himself - Lord Krishna, the charioteer of Arjun. Arjun had been defeated by one of his firmest rivals- Karna. His pride had been shattered, and so he wished to end life. But Lord Krishna persuaded him to live, using his skills of elucidation. Had Arjun committed suicide then, the war of Mahabharata would have ended up in a different manner. And that's where lies the importance of individual being. How Krishna persuaded Arjun is not a matter to put light on at this point of time.
 But what tends to be highlighted here, is that each person has a role in life. And if he wishes to die before his pre-decided schedule, he is actually being a coward and running away from the duties levied upon him. Each of our lives might not have as important a meaning as Arjun's, but yet have a lot of vitality and a different meaning. So if we do not stay alive for fulfilling that meaning, then we shall never be bestowed upon with salvation. 
 Suppose that our mother has given us a handmade gift with infinite love embedded into it. So what would we do? We would definitely put it in a safe place where it won't get damaged, or use it carefully. But what if we accept it, and when our mind urges, break it into pieces or tear it up? If mother comes to know of our deed, how much shall she be hurt and sorrowed? Wouldn't it be a critically punishable crime on our part?
 Well, our mother is the Creator and the beautiful gift is our boon of life. If we end it up, without his will, then that would hurt him much more than anything. And he might not forgive us for that. According to nature, everything must go on in a rhythmic cycle. Life and death are the part of the cycle of nature. If we make our move on our will, we would be guilty of the crime of breaking up the law of nature.
 But the very defect of the matter is that people cannot abstain from such acts at times because circumstances force them to do so. The excuse verbalized by their last lip movements include severe depression due to the loss of hold upon the happenings in life.
The loss of someone's life is the most afflicting juncture of life. So if one feels to end up life, one must first think of the consequences. How can a suicide affect the lives of the dear ones of the person ending life. No circumstance could weigh more than the grief that some others would have to bear because of the one committing suicide.
 A talk to a friend of a person who committed a suicide had certain words that showcased a very high order of melancholy. The words of a friend were such that one could not dare to imagine the condition of the family of the person who called upon death.
At times it happens with each one of us that the agenda of sorrows and plights stand at our doors like unwelcome guests. No guest could live in our houses for the entire life. We don't leave our houses when such unwanted guest arrives. We simply wait for the guest to wave off. And there's definitely a moment when the unwelcome person bid us a 'bye'.
 Similarly, in life, we must wait for that moment and keeping our hope firm, tackle the difficulties. Any situation is a defiance to our very existence. It is the test of our ability. Just like an education system, the system of life has an examination culture. God examines our patience, determination and strength by staking challenges onto us. If we fail and quit this hall of examination, then our condition would be even worse than university dropouts, because dropouts of life are debarred from heaven, according to the Holy books of almost all the religions.
If we feel that the toughest challenge has been bestowed upon us, then instead of trying to google suicidal ways, we must feel the pride of being tagged  the most intelligent and eligible student of life. As the most intelligent student is always given the hardest of questions.
If we meet someone speaking bulks of depressed words and talking of ending her life, then at that very moment our duty must shift onto elucidating the person the importance of life.
 We don't feel lucky to be given human life. But actually, that is a point to feel good about. The lives of animals are full of hardships. So, if we have been endowed with a human life, then we are among the very few lucky souls. We are among the few crores in the infinite world of living beings, stretching from microbes to the multicellulars. Can there be any more a stronger reason for us wanting to end up our life than the reason of being born with as good a fate?
 We have developed a tendency of crying over simply nothing. And that is but human nature. Even on our first day we have cried like anything. We expect too much from life and when a part of our expectation turn away, we feel depressed. This happens when we live life superficially. We all have never known ourselves. Our insight about life is attaining material pleasures. In the contest to improve reputation and influence others, we forget the true meaning of our life. The truth lies within us and self realization is the only way life would confide the clandestine to us.
The soul is the ultimate truth and that it is never affected by minor fluctuations of life. We befit our soul only when we believe in the power of ourselves. Deep within us, there's a chamber that leads to the gateway of power. This power must be realized during the plights and the soul will confide a way that will help fight the exigencies.
But what we do is, during difficulties, we simply lament over circumstances, instead of trying to overcome the conditions or trying to find the solution.
Suppose here's a math problem:
 A girl goes to buy 10 oranges. She had Rs. 60 in her pocket. Each orange costed Rs.7. Then how much money will she fall short of and would have to borrow from a friend whom she had already lended Rs. 20. What will be the final amount left as a debt? And who would be in debt?
Considering the steps:
Firstly we would calculate the total cost of 10 oranges. Then we would subtract the total amount the girl has from the total cost of all oranges. Then falling short of Rs 10 the girl will borrow them from a friend. Finally, her friend would be in a debt (Rs. 10 debt).We get the answer once we realize the inner concept of solving such problems.
  But if we compare the scenario with real life, then this Rs 10 condition could be compared with some other real life problem. Suppose we are falling short of Rs. 10 like the girl in the problem, we simply close up the doors for solutions. We forget how much more we need to pay. We forget all the other further conditions and start thinking of how that falling short of ten rupees would affect us, We feel that we would now be barred from buying oranges (though only one), then we think that so we would not be able to make the orange juice. And as orange juice is a good health and energy supplement, so without it, our health and ability to do work will be affected. We then think that if we cannot work, how can we earn a livelihood?
Well, that is how we create circumstances for our own. Instead of thinking of the solutions, we peep more and more into the problems. And that's what leads absurd thoughts of ending life, The above scenario might seem a mere exaggeration, but just because it is a simple condition, the circumstances seem unthinkable. But when it comes to complex problems of life, we actually do exaggerate circumstances.

And the solution hides behind!

Suppose a child is overburdened with studies, he starts contemplating, "I will not be able to cope up with studies. I will fail. The society would make fun of me. My parents would be embarrassed. I cannot face it all. I must die". The pupil concentrates on problems instead of solutions. If he peeps into the soul, he would find the power within himself to improve and tackle all the burdens of studying and would end up scoring good.
 So whenever a person analyses conditions, the other way out, the wrong way, the circumstances would over-weigh the vitality of life.
 So, whenever (it would definitely feel so sometime) anyone of us feels the same, we must try to meditate or in any other way try to connect to ourselves, talk our heart out with the inner "us". If that doesn't work out we could always talk to a friend or a relative. Even the dumbest person would be able to influence our motives of suicide.
 Also, we must always be ready to shed our words of inspiration to a person who has made up the mind to die. We would then we performing one of the holiest and most pious errands. We would be saving a life!
 So, we must learn the importance of life. Try understanding ourselves. Try to focus on solutions. Feel good for minutest of things. Procure the true meaning of life. Walk on the path of self realization or enlightenment. And then there would be wonders, the problems confronting us would be repulsed like the two like poles, and life would be enchanting and much much more adorable!

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