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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Republic Day special -India- a parade of nationalism.

   Its fortunate for us to live in this independent India. India- the place where all cultures and traditions have plethora canvas to practice their rituals and beliefs. A nation where every citizen can breathe up a scent of pride for of the country's achievement. A nation where the ex-citizens used to speak the language of Gods- Sanskrit. A nation where happiness springs up with every season. A nation where there's no end for carnivals. A nation where lived the greatest of wizards and geniuses. A nation where the land is the mother and is worshiped too. A  nation where the animals ain't cut off, but are too prayed like God. A nation where purity of mind and heart exists among almost every person. A nation where every new-comer is treated like God. A nation where lives kind, honest and generous natured  beings. This is our India and so let us salute it.
    Though these days India is said to be a developing nation and its power is suffusing gradually. But there were days when India used to be among the most prosperous and the developed nations. Due to its fertility of land and availability of raw materials, after the Industrial revolution the British embraced India and took complete control over it. The kind and innocent Indians were never able to make out the British's intentions. And so India was completely taken forth by the Britishers. Indians had to pass through ordeal situations. The Britishers suppressed and killed thousands, yet they had no scruples for their deeds. But Indians fought the British. Several Indians gave up their lives. And then one fine day, flamboyance strewed all round the nation, all the British grimes were all broomed off. On 15th of August 1947, India gained Independence. But then the the question was to recede India back to a nation, as then there was an haphazard and the panorama demanded a ruler. This needed an assertive ruler and a powerful constitution. And after the days of endless efforts, our country became the world's largest democratic nation, as Dr. B.R. Ambedkar framed the democratic constituion. And so on 26th of January 1950 our country's parliament was refurbished. And the rule of India was given  into the hands of Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru, instead of the British fiends. And so, this became a day of harmonizing India into a constitutional nation and India began to develop independently in a way that was hallucinating for the British.

       Today is the day-26th Jan, the 64th Republic Day- the day when every Indians shed tears in the remembrance of the dead nationalists. And nowadays, this day is celebrated as a national fest. In Delhi the President hoists the flag at Rajpath. The hoisting is followed by the national anthem Jana Gana Mana and parades and the different tableau of all the states of India. There is even an exhibition of the newly invented missiles and weapons. These marches symbolize the strength of the Indian defensive era. These parades and marches creates goose bumps among the spectators. Not only at Delhi, but flag hoisting, followed by the anthem and a tiny program is organized in all the hooks and corners of India.

        On this day spreads the nationalism in our veins. On this day the patriotic songs are heard and sung. On this day our intimate experiences complete pride and bliss. On this day we yell out with pride, I am an Indian, And am proud of India. Happy Republic Day to all my Indian brothers and sisters.