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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kai Po Che (Uttarayan)

    The tanning of skin is to reach the unimaginable peak. Again spreads a season of joy. Again departs all grievances and lone. Again gathers the crowds, to celebrate Makar Sankranti. The cleaning up of terraces and arrives the the first fest of the year 2013. Welcoming of it takes place with yells such as 'Kaipo chhe', 'Lappet', 'Dheel chhod', and several shrills of the 'Pipoodis', i.e., something like Vuvuzela. The loudspeakers are played as loud as possible. And kites reach up the highest of the spots on the sky.
     The sky gets filled up with colors, as if a multicolour paintbox has been disgorged into the natural azure above us. The season is just of 'doris' that are named as 'sakar aath', '156' and lot else. The one with strongest 'dori' and the most skillful technique, wins up the pride of cutting up the other kites. But as pride goes before a fall, the person's kite too cuts off soon.
      Now as we just talked of skills, in some places like Ahmadabad, Baroda, etc the kite fest isn't just taken up as a fest but is converted into an international contention, where skilled kite flyers, fly up their kites. The sight of such a fest is really a bliss, that spreads up blessedness in the eternal veins. For the certain kites are as long as a whale while the others are as small as an ant. But each one colored and each one exhibiting some beautiful figures. The huge kites are then raised up into the sky and then starts the 'petch', i.e., cutting up of the kites of the other participants. This is a very invalid contention, for its a rule of every game that, to win you must raise yourselves up, but in comps like kite fest, you need not raise too far upwards, but you shall not allow the others to raise up and in this case, this isn't even illicit.
      This fest has a scientific reason of being celebrated. It marks the transition of the sun into makar rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path. Other than the scientific wizards, 14 Jan is celebrated just for complete fun, just for improving at their skills of flying kites. In some state this carnival is the harvest day. And something more interesting is that sankranti is the only Indian fest that is celebrated by taking in consideration the date, i.e., it is always celebrated on 14the of January.  But for us if something matters, is just the kites. We just bring the costliest of  'phirkis' and 'manjas'. And we just be in a complete state of beatitude.
       Everyone like to fly up kites, wear goggles and caps and eat different kinds of 'cheekees'. But this fest is a nightmare for some creatures on this planet. For the little and the flighted creatures, its an injurious carnival. For they have to visit the cemetry for their beloved ones do get cut off of the strong 'manjas'. Its really awful for the birds. But what I say is that just forget of the birds, we don't fly kites everyday. The evoke makers just have a problem with the fun we gain of the fests. And i say that if the birds die, then it is helpful to them, they shan't suffer overpopulation like us.
         Woa! I was just kidding. Actually we should take care while we fly the kites. And i know that the evoke makers are tensed of the endangered species. It was just a joke. But just take care of the birds. And when you see a bird flying near your kite then please cut off your thread and save the little creature. Okay now, enough of advises just have fun. Live your day tomorrow. Have fun tomorrow, and enjoy and fly your kites. And if you see an injured bird please if you are and inhabitant of Bharuch call on 9429410101 for free treatment. And at last, Happy Uttarayan to everyone......Enjoy..... :)


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