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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Results of the Result

A last hit of prominence and then all were shot dead. The wonder kids were planked like smuts. All nightmare rumors shook the reality. As if the fringes of errs were tugged out to render the stillness to a surge. The light violet hue of enchantment was being hewed to segregate into deep crimson of shame and an unwanted white of acceptance. A scent of remorse was formidable in the entire ambience. A self- scorn prevailed too.
For it was the occasion of the ennuntiation of each pupils'  semiannual academic evaluation. The positive expectations were groomed, but in the negative way. The expected score accurately depicted the error count. After having been toasted for 6 months, the bread yet either left raw or was burnt. But neither was the toaster blamed nor was the wheat. The bread emerged to be faulty. A slaughterhouse opened up within a blink. The cunning chicken sighted at the butcher with an eye filled with innocent requests. But the paper stained with ink encroached over the human right to living.
The cardiologist mocked at the patient for a worsened condition of blockage and so the day of yells disturbed the entire ecosystem. The drizzles rained upwards. For the zeros didn't satisfy the law of gravity. The hawker nearby suffered the most. Just as the stacking up of marks lessened, the sweets and junkies were totally forbidden.
The post- accidental shock could best illuminate the pain in the horrified being. The touch of the witch wouldn't have terrified the pupils' as much. A faded future approached the eyes of each being glancing at the inked sheets. The anger of the teacher was depicted by the red marks in the sheets and the calmness of the children, by the blue letters. But the blue count had been bet by the red marks and so had the calmness been blown out by the anger. So the red marks were a mode of showing a proportionate homogeneous mixture of both- anger and love, but instead the interpretation of the red circles by the kids was the circle of death.
Something was all in common in the scenario for or each student, besides the uniform, the face looked extravagantly pale, the marks stated their commonly dull knowledge and the most common, none of their minds had made any plans of becoming sincere. Because, all the dullness and shyness, was all for a day or two. For the next day or the day after, the keys for the handcuffs would be built. The untied would untie the tied, and again a normal mischievous and a life lacking studies, would continue till the annual tests. Just the way the water cycle unanimously proceeds, the happiness and sorrows of school and college life would go on and on. But unlike the water cycle, there would definitely be an end of the cycling life, there would be a day when the joys of scoring and the grievances of lacking good scores would  impediment forever with the ending of the college life. So lets live all what we have today....

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