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Friday, November 1, 2013

Smiling Deepavali!!

Chakardi, fuljardi, dadam, hawai, rocket ne sutri bomb...These are the hot favorite words chanted in these days. For Diwali, Deepavali or the Festival of Lights has rendered into the Vikram Samvat's Aso Amavasya.
The decorated sweets and the garnished houses! All jumbled and patched together. For the words no more matter. Joy, jolly, happiness, fun, enchantment, merriment, gladness, cheerfulness, ecstasy, excitement, euphoria, delightfulness, blissfulness, rejoice, exuberance and bliss no more seem similar, they just seem one and the same. No matter whether its D or A or F or C, there's an undescribable spirit of fruitfulness, pleasure and awesomeness among the festive engrossed people.
The pot of merth seems to be camouflaging and seeking shelter in each ones hearts. For besides all the melancholic conditions, there's a beam of joy in each one's mood. All mere pains are left aside, and with a thrill of enthusiasm a sorrow free Diwali is celebrated.
But the above mentioned sorrow free carnival is just for the wealthy and sufficient families. We all talk of Diwali bonuses and Dhanteras Dhamakas and all weird stuffs. But in the light of misery, we forget that Diwali was at first celebrated as a feast of victory of good over evil. But today, its just fun all day.
Well having fun is not at all bad, but we should not develop that evil of selfishness in our hearts. We just don't consider the situations of the poor and the deserted. They too have hearts and they too have the right to jump into the jumble of joy.
So what if they don't earn much. Lets give them the bonuses. Lets help the poor in all way we can. Let's at least give them our old clothes that we instead throw out during the annual cleaning. If we cannot help with money, then at least if we can bring a smile on their face.
Well though money is joy these days. But we should remember that there's a world where, joy and money have no relations. The world doesn't have the classes- rich, middle class, poor but instead has classes like- happy, unhappy and sad. So this Diwali lets unfurl that world into being. If we cannot uplift the poor in our worldly classification, then at least we can help them advance in the world of joy.
There's something that we can try. Instead of frowning at some poor child, lets smile at them. Lets make friends with them. What if that boy can't afford to go to school? Lets teach the boy human values. What if he stays dirty. Lets ask him to take a bath in the nearby pond and look better. What if that boy can't burst crackers, lets at least not shoo him off when he gazes at our house to enjoy the sight of the crackers we burst. Lets not be mean to them, but be kind and caring.
If we show them affection, and rather this Diwali pledge to care for them and help this world to evolve into
the ideal classification system, then this Diwali would become worth it. Lets take up this chore.
Being happy ourselves isn't much difficult, smiling isn't much difficult, but making someone happy, making someone smile matters. So this Diwali lets urge for a smile on every face. Let's hope for the world that classifies on the basis of happiness and joy, so that no one seeks a permanent position on the upper berths. For happiness and grievances are a part of life. So in such a classification, each one will summon the lower level and the upper level of life. Each one inferior today, shall become superior some day and vice versa.
So this 'Bestu Varas' lets not just clean up our homes, but lets clean up our minds too and revolutionize our thoughts. Lets peep into such a dimension where people irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, class, race, have the right to stay lively and joyous.
So lets wish each being, a HAP HAP HAPPY and a SMILING DIWALI...... :)

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