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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Art and Photography

There's an innovative world in this day-to-day world. There's something that reflects the other dimension that lies in this very dimension and there are some people who can view this. These people are entitled as writers, authors, poets, film makers, photographers, painters, etc. They carve out the creative dimension in the way they can exhibit to us. So these arts reflect the new side of life. Every piece of art that our retina senses make us aware of that side of life.
A piece of writing should be so creative and descriptive that the reader shall get a complete scenario of the dimension that the creator wants to describe. A painting and a photograph should be so perfect that the desired object shall be focused upon.
Photography is something that is yet unknown in this day-to-day world. Well I used to think that photography is just the easiest job. Just clicking a capture is like eating a pie. But there's a turning point in each ones thinking. Something similar, touched up my thinking. My brother's wish of buying a new DSLR ammended my thoughts. I mocked at him at first. But then I realized that by mocking at my brother, I was mocking at myselves. As once I bought the DSLR, I realized that phtography is like touching the minutest fact of an object. I then slowly started learning what photography is...How to be a good photographer...How to give impart life to a photo, etc.
So after having peeped into the inner depth of photography I realized that sometimes when we begin something, there's a feeling of being the most learned one, but once we become accustomed to the art and we swim into the depth, it feels that we know even less than a beginner. So in photography and in any other art, we should remember that no novice has reached the intermediate stage. We should comprehend that even after we feel that the intermediate stage has been reached, we shall remember that there's a stage out there waiting for us to climb upon.
Capturing a photo is not important. But what to capture, when to capture, where to capture, how to capture, what shall be the shutter speed, what shall be the intensity of the flash, what shall be the mode of the camera, what to focus on, how much to focus, how much to zoom in or out etc. is what is more vital. When all these facts club together,  a better photo can be clicked. Yet the photo cannot be a masterpiece.
To make a masterpiece, besides having set everything mentioned above correctly, there's something else that we need to take care of. We need to engross ourselves into that object, we need to study the minutest detail of it and then set everything accordingly. I don't say that without all these settings you cannot click a good photo, but I am talking about how to capture the best one.
Well we say, that we are bad at painting or bad at writing. But we take photography for granted. We never say that we are bad at photography. We always feel that photography is not something to be learned. But the actual art of photography has a great scope for mastery.
Have we seen each and every animal on Earth? No...But yet we know the minutest of the details of almost all the animals. We look at pictures in books and on the net and come to know of these animals. So its the photographs clicked and the paintings painted that help us to gain perfect information about these animals.
So there's a lot that we have known by means of the ancient photographs. So if the photos wouldn't have been a perfect piece, than we would not have been able to know the minutest of certain ancient details.
So in a way photography is an art, that should be developed. There are certain websites like, etc. that help to develop this skill and talent. So lets try out our best and learn this art and click photos in such a way that our future generations will also be able to know the minutest of today's culture and today's world....

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  1. 3 cheers to photography and the writer for exploring the new dimension of photography and creating a good image on my mind:)