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Friday, November 15, 2013

What is Literary Value??

Every piece of writing has something special in it. But whatever uniqueness may it be, it is perceived by the reader. Some writings might be philosophical, others may be mime, and yet others imparting moral values or may be evoke making. Some might be a  kind of story, some might be dramatic and still others might be creative or might have a poetic leaning, or any other genre.
But whatever may the genre be, if the piece of work has literary value than that piece of work has the power to serve humanity. Well how do we know of the Harappans? Or how do we know of the past rulers? Well its all through architecture, sculpture and majority of it through writings. And a little bit through the the word of mouth by the former generations, if not devastated.
So literary value is the vital element of composition of a writing. In simple words, I am not a prognosticator, but if though today's living beings are cleansed off from the Earth, then the next civilization that might come into existence shall be able to predict every tiny details of our civilization by only reading through the writings.
So to make a piece of work valuable, the one who pens the piece must add to it every tiniest detail of that environment. For instance, if we talk of a girl living in India, then whether her description is necessary or not, we must describe each detail of her appearance. Firstly we shall talk of her visage, then her physique, then her clothes, ornaments and hairstyle, then her hobbies, her nature, etc. In short we must be able to highlight the Indian cultures, traditions, beliefs etc. in such a way, that the readers can feel his/her presence in India.
Even if we write about a scene in poetic form, then a reader shall virtually become a part of the scene. If we add emotions, then the emotions shall also enter the reader's heart and only then the piece of work could be said to have literary value.
Literary Value in Wriitng
So in a way, if someone unaware of our civilization gets to read the piece of writing, he shall be able to visualize every single element of our civilization. So one shall use describing adjectives in his writing to make it effective. For instance if I say, "There's a mountain in Bramley", then this sentence is something that does not tend to have any literary value, but if I say, "There's a huge brown mountain in the beautiful and calm Bramley village." Then this gives us an idea of the mountain, its coloration and even of the village Bramley.
So sometimes even if a work is grammatically correct, it might not have a literary value. The sentence, "There's a mountain in Bramley" is grammatically perfect, but due to lack of description and adjectives, it is not effective. So literary value could not be increased by making a piece of work grammatically correct and interesting, but rather it should be descriptive.
Descriptive is not only using adjectives, but using similes, metaphors, contrasts, personifications, etc. so a sentence or a book need not be too long, but a single word shall be able to describe everything. And at such time the figures of speech (simile, metaphor, etc.) can be used.
Shakespeare is regarded as the best playwright, writer, poet and so on, because his work has been able to put to us minutest of the details of his time. Not only has he put to us the details of his times, but has also compared his times to the characters and incidents of bible and put forward his work effectively.
Many people can write, but to write something having literary value, is something that needs to put in great efforts.

Hiuen Tsang, the Chinese traveller and the Buddhist monk, described Harsha's reign. His description is the source that helps us to know each fact about King Harshwardhana. So its the literary valued writings of Hiuen Tsang that has helped us to know a lot about our past.

The Rig, Yajur and Sam Vedas have really been helpful to us to know of  the Early and the Later Vedic Age. So we shall impart gratitude to all the above mentioned writers and authors, as they have helped us to know of our past.
So literary value in a writing makes us aware of our past and also helps us to know our present. So each one who can write shall keep in mind that your piece of writing can help the future civilizations solve many mysteries. So whatever you write, remember to add literary value to your writing, I am sure it will be a masterpiece. If it is not valued today, it would definitely be valued someday, maybe after our decline. So whatever one writes, one shall remember that he/she is writing for the cause of the future civilization. So whether your writing is to be left unnoticed today, it would be noticed some day. So give your fullest, add literary value to your writing and I am sure that your efforts would never go unnoticed.

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