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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diwali- The Equatorial Aurora

The Indian citizens have been quite agog in the past days, for the it was reported that an aurora would be summoned in late October in the Indian subcontinent. It was reported that the colored lights would last for around a couple of nights in the month of Kartika nearly on the occasion of a New Moon. This could bewilder most people, for Aurora is a patch of colored lights seen at around midnight time in the polar territories. But the occurrence isn't simply a rumor, and is fair in every aspect. When rationalists asked for explanation as a cause of renaissance, the historians and mythologists stood up at first, and began explicating the reasons of the surety of the occurrence  of the equatorial colorful lights. The cause flabbergasted each listener, inducing a concrete reason for the equatorial midnight colorful lights.
The narration followed in a gentle blissful happening and intensified further. But for the very first time, science was overthrown by literature and history. The exile of Lord Rama, Laxmana and Sita for fourteen years to a jungle by King Dashrata- Rama's father himself, though not malignantly but due to a promise to fulfill his second queen - Kaikai's wish who couped against Rama in order to let her son Bharata succeed his Dashrata's throne. Though the first half of the tale didn't seem to explain the reason but the second half fueled to do so. The tale imposed a stress upon the grievances of Rama due to the abduction of his wife Sita by Ravana and the way Hanumana helped him in gaining back his wife. The mythologists then stated that for welcoming Rama back to his kingdom- Ayodhya, people lit "Diyas" ,i.e., lamps. And gradually on that day every year people started bursting crackers in order to celebrate the victory of good over evil. And then did science help out, by introducing colorful crackers that enchant and adore the sky during the abutting days of Diwali.
The Indian skies get filled up with colors that block the horizon during the Diwali fest. Such lights illuminate the night that might be mightier and prettier than the aurora itself. If the poles boast the presence of Aurora then, India must boast the presence of the Diwali lights. The crackers indeed create the effect of an aurora and so the fact isn't a rumor but is a blissful truth.
So Diwali 2014 is soon to knock our doors to summon the aurora at the equator. Diwali being a grand festival, is celebrated not only in India, but in many other nations of the world. A grand bumper of happiness is something that it guarantees. Diwali is a surprise packet embedded with variations in forms of elation, rhapsody  and exuberance. All the practices followed during the Diwali days clearly indicate that it is celebrated to top up our lives with rabidity, And indeed, we the maniacs of joy accept it with jubilation. With refurbished cleansed abodes, decorated verandahs, colored rangolis and colorful crackers, the festival of Diwali is synonymous to the Aurora in the poles. So with this festival we have been given a chance to experience the aurora in our country.
Equatorial Aurora
A festival is something that gives a breakthrough to the daily routine, and Diwali being a carnival of lights, signifies something just more than a change in the daily schedule. With every cracker that is burst, the grievances of life are burst off. With every spark of the cracker a new ray of hope gets lit up. With every trail of smoke, the stress in the lives disappear into infinity. The wicked inimical cracker's burst depicts the burst of melancholy and woe. Every cracker that kisses the skies, inspires us to reach supernatural heights. Every burst that lightens the night, rouses us to brighten our lives. Every shade that we fill up in the rangoli adds up a new shade of merriment into our living. Every sweet that we digest aids us in sweetening our lives and being good to everyone we come across.
So every aspect of this festival is something to be learned. Each tradition, every practice, each formality tries to explicate us the way to live our lives. The very reason for its celebration is not the only aspect we must learn from Diwali, but we need to be perceiving and free to learn from our ancient culture.
So its time to celebrate a happy, safe and a perceptible Diwali. Every element needs to be observed closely. Its time to learn from this festival of lights. Its time to vow to be inspired from every element and every part of Diwali celebration. So let us all enjoy this aurora of lights in India. Let us break through all the chains of rigidity and flow in the ocean of joy, let us celebrate this Diwali with a new attitude towards life and pledge to give a new direction to our lives.
A very Happy Diwali!!!! May you not miss to summon this equatorial aurora!!

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