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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The True "me"

We might be bad at swimming but good at tennis. We might be good in language, but worst at maths. We might love sulking and gadding round but hate studying with persuasion. We might be ill- tempered and irascible, but also kind- hearted and caring by nature. We might be loving sweets but  be wanting to cut up calories. We might hate nutritious eatables but love roadside junkies. We might be impatient to meet our friends but might be unwilling to get back to our parents. Whatever be our liking and disliking, we all have a unique "me" within us. A "me" might be adorable at times, but at times something to be ashamed of.
But have we ever wondered "Why am I me??" Yes, this is one of the interrogations that we sway upon us while pondering into someone's remark. And we try to add up layers of other traits upon the "me". And the true "me" gets stacked down into the overlying segments of attributes. The layers above the stacked down "me" vanish the true being of us. The flavors of extravagant spices with which we attempt to plead the on-lookers infer an amended self.
What if the plops of gallons of water upon the Earth, veil its "me", i.e. , its own characters due to unworthy remarks of water phobics? The words of any drenched idiot does not affect the wetting ability of water. It never veils its being, by the influence of the comments of the on-lookers. It simply trails upon its true "me".
The layers of attributes cover up the true self, making us what we aren't. The superficial features last for quite a few fortnights, but then the true me booms and spurs out like the magma. So whats the meaning of pretension? In reality, we all tend to gasconade in order to grasp a position into other people's favorites.
We alter our intonation to covet a higher standard in the peak of the society. But with swirls and twirls of trends, we end up bubbling our true "me" high into the air. With gradual accumulations of motifs of other's "mes", our own "me" dwindles and fades like the smoke that stirs itself with the wind. And we ourselves feel, as though we are lost in this world of other human's "mes".
The way we are baptized with an identical name, we must uphold our identical unique attributes. Imagine being named more than thrice after birth. We will never feel possessive of a single name. We would hop from one name to another, getting lost in the world of different identities. And in the race, our true identity would be lost. Similarly, God gifted us our "me" and we should be proud of being presented with it. Each one's existence feeds a purpose, but the conditions apply. The conditions reveal that the "me" mustn't be altered.
We tend to change up our thinking and behavior in order to procure a soft corner from others. But we forget that true liking for us should arise among people considering our literal being. The Trojan disguise was meant for wicked conquering. So similarly, though pretension aids us to besiege other's hearts but it actually depicts our cunning nature. We veil our true self in order to win hearts. Masking thoughts and actions, we in reality forget our "me".
So why don't we let others keep their remarks and we keep our "me". But inspite of several epoch- making quotes and preaching, we tend not to stick to the "me". A negative note shatters us while a positive one boosts us. So we covet for boosters and in the race to get the highest positive remarks, we pace enough to leave our strolling "me" behind. We try to be airing to the on-lookers in order to gain their assertions. Though we win assertions by doing so, but we actually lose ourselves, we lose our "me".

Having lost only certain personal belongings, we cry the entire self out, so to what extent can we be hurt, if we come across the fact that we have lost our "me"? We apply lotions to protect and defend our physique. But what do we apply to protect our inner "me"? When we do care for our outward self then why don't we tend to protect our inner "me"? A cut on the skin seems to be the end of the world. But do we notice the wound on our "me" that finally dies out of the pressure of the overlying attributes? Why can't we be ourselves? Why can't we dare to showcase our true "me"? The fright to be mocked at and asserted negatively is the evil that pulls us away from being our "me". We simply put on new dresses of traits to look attractive and infatuate others, but why do we forget that we mustn't leave up our true "me" in order to do so. 
Truly speaking, we must overlook the negative comments and stay unaffected by them. The bitter words are never strong enough to penetrate into us without our will. So, its up to us whether to let the influence of the negativity amend our "me". 
We must at the very same time seize to impress and seize to try to win the hearts of people who want us to be changed. People who do not respect our "me" and who do not like us as we are, don't deserve our attention. Broadly speaking, we must just not worry about trying to win hearts. We must be our true self. We must be our true "me". We mustn't consider the negative remarks and proceed in our life in the way our inner "me" asks us to. Why to be what we aren't? Why to cheat and win hearts? Instead we must live the "me" to the fullest. We must uphold our unique "me" and definitely there would be dozens of people who would get influenced by us. The people who like us with our true "me", are the real well- wishers. So why to alter our "me" for the fake friends or rather the freaking foes? 
So lets not consider the ill- comments. Let's pledge to be ourselves, whether the others find us irritating or loving. Its time to live our full "me" and instead of questioning "Why am I me?" Lets say "I am me. And I would be me". And only then our true purpose of life could be fulfilled. Only then, can we live to our utmost potential. Only then can we face the harshest of storms that question our being. Only then can we proudly say "I am me."


  1. ����
    Let's say " I am me...... "

  2. Thanks Maulik Fuva for reading my article and also commenting on it...

  3. A really inspiring article.....will myself try to find the true 'ME' that is hidden by many layers in some or the other way.
    When I find the true 'ME' I will be the happiest person on the earth....and would be really thankful to you for inspiring me to do this...
    TYSM for this article....Ms. Trivedi

  4. U r welcome Ms. Paaaanchal :)
    And at the same time thank you for reading my article.
    Glad to know that it inspired you to be the true "ME"!!

  5. Amazing......your article is truly amazing....oh how i wonder i missed these for so long.....good work ...keep it up.

    1. Oh heartily thanks! And really sorry I wonder why this comment went unnoticed for so long.

  6. Really nice one
    won't write more to impress you
    to be the real me;)