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Sunday, November 16, 2014

A shortcut to success is a cut short to success

There have been a million Google searches every day as per an Internet survey of keywords like “Easiest path to success” or “The formula to instant success” and so on. This clearly puts into light the fact that tons of people have been trying to find a short cut to success.  So people have been blinded by the inspiring sentences stating that there is a short cut to success.
Two men met at a mountaineering seminar. One of the men stated his experience of scaling the peak. According to him, he scaled the peak without any oxygen requirements, without overcoming the hurdles or a single plight. The path was smooth and strong enough to prevent his collapse. He said that he had gained success easily. The other men heard keenly but then he put forward his experience. According to him, he summoned an acute need for oxygen, he was taken over twice by an avalanche, the rocks on the path stumbled down thrice plunging his life at stake. For him, the path to success was unfavorable, unconditional and extremely difficult.  So considering the words of the first person, one might conclude that there is a short cut to success which does not require determination and hard work. But later on it was revealed that the first person had scaled Mount Kinabalu (4000 mtrs) and the second one had scaled Mt. Everest (8000mtrs).
The first person had gained a cut short success, i.e., the achievement of scaling a low peak as he had adopted a short cut, i.e., an easy mountain to scale. So this simple example has a deep meaning underneath it. The path to success is long and coarse. Moreover, success isn’t truly speaking a materialistic commodity. It is in reality extreme happiness of a heart. So materialistic gains could be gained easily by paying a dozen of heavy notes, but joy of the heart is quite difficult to gain.
A potter shapes the pot quite carefully; he smacks at the mud and then shapes it. The more he hits the mud slightly with his hands, the more does the pot get stronger.  If instead, the potter in quest of instant success hurries up his task and in two or three hits finishes it up, then definitely he does achieve his task. But the pot carved by him is short-lived, i.e., it gets broken in a frail of time and is quite week.  So the lazy potter attains a cut short success.
Life is nothing but a pinch of sand, which needs to be seasoned before making a sand castle. A single day work out might help in leading  until a short distance in an athletic event, but then the stamina fades away and only the person who had been working since months or years wins the first place.
If there had been a shortcut to success, then almost all the people on Earth would have attained success and the word “success” would not have been as vital in life. In each person’s life there are failures and achievements. The winner loses some or the other day. This is because it is a cut short of success. Actually this is unstable success achieved through short leaps of tries. But actual success is when winning or losing doesn’t matter or when fortune and misfortune are one and the same. So when antonyms seem to a person as synonyms- “success” is achieved.
A player of a high jumping event moves a few distance away before taking a high jump. The lesser the distance he moves back, the lesser is the height to which he succeeds to jump. So if a person tries to jump from a point very near to the platform, i.e., takes a shortcut to success, then he could only succeed in jumping to a very low height or gains a cut short success.

So, minute examples of life highlight the fact that success is indeed cut short if the shortcut is used to achieve it. So why use the shortcuts? It is hard work that could help attain the highest peak of life. Its up to a person whether he wants to scale Mt. Kinabalu or Mt. Everest. Whether he wants a stronger pot or an easily breakable one. Whether he wants to lead in an athletic event upto a certain distance or wants to win it. Whether he wants to follow the google results and attain a cut short success or follow the toughest path of life and attain the brightest gift from God- true success.


  1. Very well explained with simple comparative analysis.

  2. Vrushti a second time i am inspired by your article for working hard.........and yes, very well written.

    1. Thanks Apoorva again for reading my article and giving me the credit for inspiring you.