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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Meditation- the Best Weapon

 A very boom of the clouds of stress besiege every individual during the years of life, just as each forest experiences the melancholy of autumn. But as the showers of summer herald the coming of the euphoric spring, the shedding of leaves impediment and  we feel that it is only in a human' s life, that the shedding of energy due to stress is ever lasting. Each drought is revived by a spell of rain in nature but our notions have been bound to think that there ain't a cliche to a stress free, kind and loving life.
 Though throughout aeons, meditation techniques have been implemented by grave sages and monks, it has been a plight for normal human beings to follow up. But as though it were a gradual gold rush, today, the number of non- meditating individuals is dwindling in an unremarkable manner. So still this shower of rain is not being adopted by most of the plants of this sapiens' forest. And so is the formula to lead a stress free, focused and blissful life, a pathway filled with exigencies. Besides knowing the advantages, each individual feels that mediation isn't her/his cup of tea. One of the reasons for the aforesaid feeling is that even if a person tries to meditate, wavering thoughts penetrate into his/her lives.
 The word of mouth that used to be the best promoter of meditation, have actually stimulated the writing up of thousands of books on meditation. These books like the one of 'Jennifer Brookes', state the best dimensions of meditation. The Industrial Revolution has instigated us to find logical elucidations of every fact, and so is today's women/men behind the actual effects of meditation on a human body. And with several benefits, in the cycle of years, meditation has been gaining a vital position in the daily course of people's lives.
 The FAQs related to meditation include the most popular question- "What is meditation and how to meditate?" The simple lucid answer to this is that when we reach a free state of mind, when the plethora canvas of our brain in completely blank, when there ain't any disturbing stressful thoughts worrying the heart and when the soul meets its inner being, the state of mediation is achieved. Meditation is not only being physically stable, but is also being mentally situated at the very present time. When we don't have a reason for being present in the present and yet our brain resides in the present, the meditating state is achieved. When all the cogitations of past and future get plunged by the emptiness of the present, one is said to be meditating. In simple words, meditation is the condition or a state where a person meets herself/himself, when a person comprehends himself/herself and when a person communicates with himself/herself.
 Technically speaking, the left hemisphere of our brain controls the reasoning, logistic and critical thinking abilities. These tasks cause the emission of beta waves from our brain. These can create a stressful juncture in our life. The right hemisphere of our cerebrum separated by the corpus callosum has been levied the function of controlling intuitive, imaginary, creative and memorial abilities of a person and releases the alpha waves. These waves help gaining a stable state of mind and yields in nurturing and growing happiness and alacrity in our minds by stimulating the release of hormones like endorphins and serotonins. 

Meditation requires a calm place, but it need not be tall hilly venue or a forestry location, it could be one's bedroom, but a place where sitting still could be possible. The next step according to 'Sherri Stockman's ' book is sitting still and erect or sitting by resting our back and trying to relax each of our body elements. Gradually, starting from the head to torso and finally the lower limbs, one must try instigating every part to be permeable to positivity. Nextly, the mind should be blacked out, i.e., each thought in it must be crumbled and stored in any of its wardrobes for future consideration, such that there's nothing of which the brain thinks while meditating. Both 'Stockman' and 'Marry Mageau' write about the barragement of thought that a novice meditating individual experiences, but they also provide the key to the problem. According to them, each thought that tries to be processed in the brain is a short term contemplation and one can easily start shooing off such thoughts by concentrating upon the breathing pattern. 'Brookes' added to it by saying that the thoughts must be linked with the breathing pattern. With every mass of air that we exhale, we must throw out one particular thought, and slowly, our brain would be emptied.
 So, what mediation does is that it coordinates the emission of waves from each hemisphere of the brain, such that only alpha waves are emitted. With this coordination, there is a resting state of mind that is achieved. So when one's thoughts are blank and one dosen't have the reason for it, one is successful in meditating. This is because the alpha waves pause the reasoning ability and stimulate the creative dimension of an individual. So, mediation has been successful in instigating the growth of creativity and intuitiveness, such that it imparts loads of elation to the being. Headaches and stress are the most inimical foes of human life and only meditation can overcome these evils naturally. The other effects of mediation include aid in loss of weigh, low blood pressure, stable physical state and lowered activity of certain parts of the brain. Meditation helps in thickening the cortical region providing a wider space for creativity and also help controlling the release of cortisol hormone. Being in a state of peacefulness, one's focusing ability increases in a short span of time, helping one to concentrate in a better manner. This focussing increases the learning and grasping potential of a person. Meditation also helps in multiplying physical strength and vigor, helping us to be boosted up for routine work outs. The horizon of  lists of advantageous consequences of meditation seem to meet the ending point every moment but it yet extends with every little step.

 Besides the aforesaid benefits, people still don't seem to comprehend the true advantage of meditation. Well, someone told me that meditation is like smelling a flower. Broadly speaking, the joy and jolly that we are imposed upon by smelling a rose is undefinable. We never get a perceptible materialistic benefit by smelling the flower, but our inner self gets satisfied by it. We feel an unknown gladsome wave, that is equivalent or synonymous to the inner bliss that one gains by meditating. So its not about only materialistic benefits, but meditation purifies the thinking by garnishing it with good positive thoughts and optimistic approach towards life. And these positive thoughts strike us because of our ability to bid a bye to negativity with the aid of meditation.
 Well then, its upto us. If we make our mind to meditate then in at least quite a few trials, we would find meditation to be an easier errund and soon we would be able to stuff meditation into our daily schedule. And one fine day, we would master that trick of controlling our brains. If the monks can control their body temperatures according to the Harvard University survey, or control their heart beats, then can't meditation be at least able to control the positivity in our thoughts? It definitely could, but the only effort required is to span a handful of time for this task, and then the complexities of life could untie its folds on its own, and then we would be the controller of ourselves and then we would be able to find ourselves in this world of lost personalities and our soul would attain the blissful state.
 So its time to pledge to begin meditating. Cutting of a minute from chattering, a minute from facebook, a minute from the mailbox, a minute from gadding round and a minute from nurturing evil intentions, we could gather at least five minutes to sit calmly and solemnly to meet the best and the most faithful friends - "me", to understand the most faithful friend "me", to nurture the friendship between our mind and our soul, to tighten the bonds between our soul and our heart, to let the alpha state empty our thoughts, to let an aura encompass our body and to be the very person our soul wants to be.

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  1. I think i immediately should start meditating without wasting a single minute....