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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Childrens' day special

   Hey guys, childrens' day is right on the corner of fests. And though we are eagerly waiting for Diwali and we are completely engrossed in it, i am sure that we shall never disremember of Childrens' day. its the birthday of the antecedent of Sonia's mother in law. The person who loved children intensely. The great personality who is notoriously designated as chacha nehru. Chacha's birthday is on the rack of ceremonized days.
    On this day special programmes are arranged in schools, where the teachers try their best to entertain the children. Then the children are given certain surprises like presents, greetings, etc. This day is enjoyed by the children in a fully-fledged manner.
   The children rage up an enthusiastic feeling among themselves and wait for certain funky things that can happen on that day. But i say childrens' day doesn't mean that the children shall not abide by the rules and regulations of the adults. And it doesn't mean that children  shall boom up with exotic terrible plans of mischievous acts and expect that the elders shan't scold them. No, that's not what this day is meant for. This day is just to show that the world loves children, irrespective of the caste, creed or religion.
   The day depicts the love of their parents to the children. It also depicts the love from the world to the orphan mere kids. It enhances the authencity that scolding doesn't mean that a person doesn't love the particular child, but it emphasizes that though the children are scolded, they are loved by the elders and also the scold is for the benefit of the children.
     This day also conveys respect to the innocence of the children. Also it shows that children are really an incarnation of the Gods and that they are the future of the world. On this day the children are blessed with a clean heart, a strong and intelligent mind, vivid revolutionizing thoughts and a resting soul, for the sake that they can continue to lead the world towards advancements and give a birth to the world with no evil-minded creatures. A world with complete positiveness and a world where one can lead a peaceful life and a world where all are equal.
    So this childrens' day even its our ( childrens' ) responsibilities to take an oath that we would lead this world to the farthermost planets and make it a world with no means of destruction and lead the world to the contemplations of peace and make it prosperous. We the future generation would truly take a step forward leaving behind the achievements of the adults and work for the welfare of this universe.
     Happy Children's Day to every child, though poor though sick though orphan though homeless and though of any creed other than that of mine.

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