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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Diwali fervor

      The Diwali fest is on the agendas of carnivals. The feast that creates a path for glorious and prosperous trends set up by our forefathers. The return of Lord Rama, Sita and Laxmana is celebrated with a pinch of enthusiasm and a pinch of joy. The trend of bursting colorful crackers that enlighten the numerous pre-diwali eventides in conjunction with the Diwali night. the trend of pearling the houses by cleaning up and adornment of the same. The call for a day-like appearance at the witching hour, by even the rows of diyas and colorful ravish series.

       The money evoting drift that rings up the bells for the buyers. And saturated discount and bumper offers rock down the markets. The Dhanteras day weaves an enchantment among the gold sellers and also lightens up a smile on the gracious visages of every woman. The pavement sets up for happiness to evolve in normal humans, even the middle class ones.  The sharing up of sweetly made sugary sweets and meeting up of friends and relatives that carves an atmosphere for love and friendliness, and the bonds of filaments of relationship tightens up itselves. The beautiful rangolis adorn up the verandahs of each and every little abode.

       That for every religion belonging people it brings some fruitly sweet days that guarantee a voyage among most people, for there are vacations. Each Gujarati creature comes up with newly bought clothes and visits people after the dipawali day, i.e., on the day called Bestu Varas (new year). So there are vast celebrations for people belonging to every religion, every caste and every creed.

        Lets take up with the cons of Diwali. As most evoke making people yell for setting up a reminder for the cracker bursters, for the pollution creating effects. And this authenticity is quite agreeable, as the smoke produced does affect the environment. But what i say, just according to me, i am one of the cracker bursters and i really feel that that's all right. We can come up with a carpool, but i say BURST CRACKERS, why not? Do we burst them everyday? No certain things are really harmful of its excess. No body burst these crackers every now and then, in any month round the year. its just for the Diwali days. We can enjoy our fests with all our might. Why to think of the future effects. Why not live the full of today. So we can use up a carpool, at least for certain days, but burst the crackers. This would set an equilibrium in the pollution percent. At last guys, i say that the future cannot be judged by TODAY, why not live the whole of today? And yes these crackers are even meant to force away the insects that feast up after the rainy monsoon.

          Why not? We can celebrate a safe and a really happy Diwali... I just say, A VERY HAP HAP HAPPY DIWALI to each and every person on the blue planet...