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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I ought Freeeeeeedom!!

      I procured out of the grieviances of India's ancient junctures, the period when Indis functioned in the dominance of the whites. Today too we suffer a pinch of sorrow when we flip through the pages that have clicked the past. The hatred for the British creatures and sympathy for our Indian brothers can even be felt in our cores till date by just the brief glimpses of thepast captures.
     And the name as we call it INDEPENDENCE DAY, clenches our nerves and creates goose bumps and we can also feel a handful of patriotism. And we yell out proudly that its our luck and the work of the freedom fighters that we all are free today.
     But what i doubt is that, Are we really free? Being free doesn't literally mean not being under rule. Inspite, it actually brings out a boon of satisfaction in our hearts.
for being free means being in abundant control of ourselves. Doing notwhat another creature recommends, but actind out on the orders and commands of our soul. Remembering the authencity that our soul is persuasively meant for our own goos. Soul's a part of our beefcake that never oughts to hurt its own physique.  So as  our heart- the interpreter of our soul always functions in accordance to the wishes of our soul, so we shall always listen to our heart. And not perform an act just due to the forcing of another person. This iswhat freedom is.
       So though we all are free in terms of judiciary, but we are still ruled upon ny superstitions, narrow minded thoughts and a kind of rubbish stats. Today before every act we think twice, not for is it true according to us, but for just the thought that is it true according to others. Sometimes something is incorrect according to others but correct according to us, at aforesaid stints we must always take our own side.    
      This is what freedom is. Live according to yourselves. Do listen to others and follow them if you think their advice is beneficial. I always ought to live freely. Though someone say that arguing isn't right, but i do argue. Not always, bbut when i damn sure on my part. When my heart is confident of that authencity. Much the same way sometimes i feel that i  am wrong and at such stints i do accept it, not thinking of what others shall talk of my being wrong.
      God the supreme has given us a life to live. Its on us that we ought to live or not. Its on us how we tend to live. Its on us that we live freely or be ruled. No one has the right to test our freedom. But even we don't have the right to misuse the freedom given to us.
      So guys, I just say be free and let others be free.

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  1. Didi you are the superb child, one day world will recognise you and will come at your feet