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Monday, November 5, 2012


Why it becomes awful at times to use our heads,i.e., why sometimes we just get out of sense of no mentionable reason. Just as we are just whirled up in the bewitch world of dreams, where we manifest congitations of glorious prosperity. Why do some words come out of no proper light of reason. Why at times  we come under the dominance of our hearts, instead of the thinking box- brain. Certain wrangles enduringly occur of just a unit authenticity.
  And the consequence behind such a beastly happening is when we are trapped in certain exigency. We strive for the solution, but all in vain. And then comes the thought of being deprived by the omnipresent of our right to attain peace of mind. And then the intelligence source impediments its work, and then all that weird happenings. So that's what leads to all disgraceful affairs.
   At aforesaid times we try achieving peace through a number of acts, but it never works. At that time if we preach under the dominance of our heart, then it is exceedingly useful. Our heart is the part that has intimate power during troublesome times. It's the red fist-sized organ that controls us to the ninth degree.And at times no usage of brain is accessible. So its entirely upon our hearts to take decisions. 
    And as the ultimate power keeps up with the heart, so it rests upon our inner soul that what steps we take at aforementioned state. It rests upon the purity of our heart that how we deal with such issues. So such incidents are actually meant to test the abilities of our hearts. 
     Wherefore such happenings are necessary in each individuals life for the sake of testing their purities. The purer we are the correct way we choose. The white paths can only be chosen by pure-hearted ones. And such happenings are actually essential for a person to be a human. Or only the minds can't help every time  Purity and softness of hearts is essential too. 
     So we shall ought to purify and soften our hearts as it would make us a good human as well as help us to deal with the upcoming situations in a realistic and ideal way, that can slip us off the situation. And we shan't curse God for dreadful happenings and take it positively for it might be a testing trial. 


  1. This could well be ainspiring lecture at the training centre of an MNC