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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Uttarakhand in chaos

The very important pilgrim spots for the Hindus- the Chardham Yatra, that begins from Yamunotri, then Gangotri, anon Kedarnath and at last Badrinath, just blooms its petals for for we the insects, just for 6-8 months. This Yatra is full of exigencies and difficulties. Yet crores of pilgrims visit these temples every year. This year too has this pilgrimage begun and lakhs have already been to the holy temples and thousands are present there at this very moment. But the faith of the people strewed like paper bits this year, for the cloud bursts and landslides and floods all round Uttarakhand's Himalayan ranges, has led to a complete haphazard, leading to the loss of life and property. All the downhill roads are blocked and there's no way up or down. Since three days, have seventy thousand people been trapped in the Himalayas. Hundreds of houses have been washed out of the floods, and the Kedarnath temple is in a complete mess.
The early monsoon killed hundreds, leaving thousands unfound, and a huge mass suffering from a scant of basic amenities. Grief, sorrow and a feeling of ruth has spread in all the hooks and corners of the country. The cries of the people are getting transformed to drops of water, leading to floods. 
Even the structures of historical importance are totally threshed. One of the rope poles of famous Ramjula in Rishikesh has broken off. And even some of the deities of Shiva have also worn off.

The weather has however calmed down now, but yet the people's difficulties are something to be pitied upon. Thousands striving there are crying and praying to god for mercy and benevolence. The pilgrims had gone there with a pure heart- filled with faith, but yet nature and the almighty costed them their lives for the visit. 
However, maybe has the God been with them, for the Indian army has reached out there at the spots of suffering, and has been rescuing hundreds by means of helicopters and rope-ways. May be God's testing our faiths.. But yet there are thousands striving there. There's no food, no clean water, no electricity and no shelter. And the temples have experienced such a devastation, that it would take 2-3 years to fix up the faults and the cracks. The roads would have to be built. On a whole it is a fissure in the economic status of our country.
But we common men can do nothing other than pray to God for benignity on the victims of the natural disaster. May all be safe there. May each one have the courage to fight the situation. May the local inhabitants be able to once again uplift their homes and lead normal lives. May all their wishes be fulfilled by God, or with every tear that they shed, the faith on him will decrease to its least. I also pray that, though at all circumstances, may the sufferers remember that God will come to aid them and may they take this condition of their's as the test of their faith towards the omnipotent.

Please God be with them...I know you can't come down in human for the rescue. But God, help them to fight all the circumstances. Give them the courage to fight with death at any case....Or rather give them the courage to fight for life......
And yes God, just a few prayers more...Please keep up with the level of water in Yamuna and protect Delhi from the floods.


  1. A great havoc of the recent times which brought a change in era. What you wrote is a vivid description of the disaster and last lines are wonderful in praying the Almighty to calm down, help the situation.