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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The easiest path to success

When the antonyms seem to you as the synonyms, success is achieved.

A glance at the latest issue of ‘The Speaking Tree’ motivated me to think upon success, today, as a realm of materialism. Literally, success is something that can just be felt. Actually it is imperceptible. What it means is that, according to each human being, the ones with plenty of money and fame are successful. So in a way, each human feels that success can be perceived through vision of too many precious notes and too much of name. But the truth is that success is not at all perceivable. It can just be felt in our inner cores.
A successful person is rather the one whose inner soul is in complete state of mirth. The one who is lost in one’s own love.  Success is neither money nor fame. Success is the moment when one is glad with what one is. Loving others is quite easier, but loving oneself is the backbreaking chore. And the day when one exhales the hatred for oneself, success will definitely knock at the door.
Each one knows his/her own flaws. But no one ever tends to accept the faults. This is the reason why we cannot love ourselves. Though we try to resist thinking of our errs, but our unconscious mind cannot abstain from thinking of our wrong deeds.  So that is why one can never love oneself. So for loving ourselves, first of all we need to confess to our heart, the bloopers we did. For confessing meditation is the vital step.  Once we have accepted our mistake, then we will intimately try out to never repeat the same. This acceptance will make one feel lighter than a feather. It will seem that countless loads of burden are dropped down from the physique. Then gradually, by practicing meditation, we would comprehend the importance of good deeds and one fine day, we would drown into the deepest ocean of good ballgames. Once we do good, our soul will tighten the thread of its relationship with our heart. Our good deeds would entertain our heart. And the day our heart falls in love with our brain, then as a whole, we would fall in love with our ownself.
Once we love ourselves, everything and everyone beneath us would seem lovely. This will be a day when antonyms would seem to be synonyms. The good or bad, the rich or poor everything will be all equal and fine in front of us. Every difficulty that would trespass us would seem to us as the solution in itself. The materialistic world would seem to us as the spiritual world. All foes would turn to be friends. All negativities would strike into our mind the positive cogitations.
And after experiencing all this, the day when nothing matters to us, then success won’t be perceivable, but something unknown would be felt to us in the inner heart, and I bet that success is nothing more than this feeling of euphoria and ecstasy.  


  1. Very nice and a good direction of introspection to peep inside and purify oneself.

  2. good thought
    Its JOY and JOY and JOY nothing else
    Joy is in terms of IP ( AAnand )