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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

View of the Asiatic Lions

The terrific and the authentic Asiatic Lions are one of the hotspots for tourist attractions in India. The highly magnetized forests of Gir in Gujarat  break up the law of magnetism. They obstruct repulsion and at all cases attract the similar as well as opposite kinds. For, the king of the world lives in India. The king that rules the forests of Saurashtra, Gujarat. The king that roams round with the queen in the thorny and dense forests and rests beneath its favorite tree of 'Karamda'.
The site of this magnificent creature can make ones day and boil up one's blood with a feeling of immense merriment flowing round the body. The inner warmth can nowhere be expressed out, for the freezing experience chills the outer body creating goose bumps. So anyways does the combination of the inner warmth and the outer cold balances the temperature of the physique.The gladsomeness breaks up the gladometer resulting in immense joy that cannot spell up words, but that experience of jolly can only be felt in the utmost core of our hearts.
The filth and thorns are all spared out from the brain for the jungle's delight just mates our mind, that each prickle and each sandy gush can no more grab its influence on the human soul. For not just the physical prickles, but the thorns and grits of stress and tension is too released off with the molecules of CO2. The fresh evergreen trees just not only absorb the carbon dioxide molecules but also absorb the molecules of grievances and tensions. And along with the oxygen, the trees of Gir have the peculiar ability of exhaling the molecules of freshness and sooth. This uniqueness of the forest attracts the lions as well as the humans. 
The cubs along with the lioness depict that the motherly affection does persist among animals. The site of the lions freezes one's cornea forcing us to act like a sunflower and always face towards the wild yet friendly beasts. 
Yes, the lions are quite friendly. One can gaze at the these creatures from just a span distance for hours without the fear of any possible threats. But the word of friendship shall be maintained. One shall never bother one's friends.
The next very thrilling part of roaming round in Gir is the roar that urges us to give a way to fright. The enormous roar scares the spirit that gatheres by the friendly behavior. The horrifying sound can be heard kilometers away creating a mirage of a lion for the tourists suffering from lion's thirst. 
Their golden yellow hair are just better than the best. Their paws can clench up the heaviest of preys.There's  something in them that imparts happiness. The site of a lion is ever written just for the lucky ones and that site becomes a part one's immortal memories. 
The ruler of the jungle not only rules the jungle, but its kingdom spreads round the body of every human.

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