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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


   The every moment that i breathe, that very moment i am busy. Working and thinking of all my irons that are in the fire. of not being like a drudge but a brain teaser though sometimes a body work. My full plate just permits me to concentrate on my work. So i just get no time for a leisury relief. I just hustle over my work every now and then and when one of the tasks accomplishes then comes a sudden abrupt thought of the several pending works.
   Then when a tremor spreads over me that an accomplished errand wasn't actually completed, then comes a feeling of uselessness, a feeling of having wasted the whole block of time and then more of wastage on contemplating on the incomplete job. but for sake the next couple of time i do get into my rhythm. and ten i again crack my brain over the pending agendas.
    And if once for leisure i spend my time of for one of my hobbies then the next very moment i cry over the lost time. then again i waste up over crying but once again i get into my errand. i just feel i need to be helped out but the very next second i feel i shall dig out everything on my own, for its beneficial to me a last.
     So i do feel to curse myself for having set many fishes to fry but for the same i do feel a pinch of pride, for having done such a hip of work. And no more am an abecedarian or an apprentice to all this, so now this busy schedule has become a part of my routine. And following the routine is what life is. So being busy has become a part of my life like the daily bread. so now i do work diligently, hoping that soon all my errands would accomplish and soon i will breathe in a pink of relief. 


  1. "but for sake the next couple of time i do get into my rhythm" these are the most important moments of ones life

  2. ya life is something that always goes on. Even in the darkness of grief, though one is experiencing bereavement. Life never impediments. The nature functions according to its rhythm and cycles, irrespective of the atmosphere of human life- though sorrowful.