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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the finest part of navratri

Yippee! As we all yell, greeting the arrival of the finest of fests- navratri. The festival that enchants the colors of the rainbow in a very glittering and gorgeous manner. That it adds the brightest of lights to the dark horrifying nights. That it spreads joy all round the corner. That it begins with the all time vital girlish hobby for it begins with the choosing of beautified dresses that can rock the box office, i.e., the garba plane. And that culminates with a tiring yet scornful drench into the sudation that occurred the last nights.
 The ennead witching hours when the slothful sluggards too hop up their legs with the most energetic of the ways. When every specimen dances with the finest of steps and worships the matajis with the mightiest of techniques. When every person swirls round and then claps and then hops as if a kangaroo. When each person enjoys his own treat from the emporium that adds up to the grace of the fest. When crowds adorn the street till late hours. That the environment round becomes spruce and wonderful.
   The fest that is intimate among the Gujarati and Bengali crowds. That is meant for the worship of the esteemed Goddess Jagdamba. That merry songs are sung in her worship in a gigantic manner. That the people celebrate this festival with utmost ravishing whirls. And this very carnival adds up to the bewitch catalogues of Indian galas that are celebrated round the country including some pieces of the world. So this navratri enjoy and crumble all the sorrows under the extreme effect of the eagerly- waited carnival.
     Wish you all A very happy navratri!!

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