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Saturday, October 13, 2012


   we say.Oh no i have amoebiasis. why does this amoeba spread disease?? that's the point of thinking.but i have a solution for all those freaking questions. a logical answer.though a bit illogical.
    when the little amoeba baby is born. unlike us they first have to visit the graveyard with their twin sibling. and cry like we do. but why do they have to go to the grave??  because its their mother who dies as soon as they are born. its their mother who sacrifices her life for her young ones. but why does she die every time?? because amoeba reproduces  by binary fission. binary fission is preceded by first the division of the nucleus. followed by the division of cytoplasm and at last the division of the whole cell. so the mother cell divides. which means the mother dies. so that the baby amoeba could be born.
     a great sort of sacrifice. but it shows the mother's love for the baby.the way she sacrifices herself is just fabulous. for she dies for the birth of her child. so every amoeba child has to cry over the death of mother amoeba. isn't it so sad for the little creatures??but we never feel affectionate cause these creatures are the cause for our unhealthiness.
        but now why does a child spoil?? of course for either the child is an orphan or the child's parents just don't care for the child. a spoiled child is a nuisance for the surroundings. much the same way these amoebas are spoiled. as their mother die before their birth. so they are to spread evil deeds. and so the spoiled amoeba spread disease.
         so why to curse the helpless amoeba. its not their fault. nor its their mother's fault...its the deed of our creator. the supreme being-God. so cursing amoeba is cursing God.  so just don't curse the poor little creatures whenever you get a disease. the amoeba and the other little organisms have suffered a lot more than we suffer at times of diseases. so the next time you get some disease just assume that thats the way of showing the affection for the orphan amoebas and other little organisms.